Monday, December 14, 2009

LaurieAnna's in Canton

Have you been? Do you know her? What have you bought from LaurieAnna's? Her store is a mix of so many things that I like.

Glitz on a brown Christmas tree (you know I want that tree!):
LaurieAnna's 3
Balance and beauty in displays:
LaurieAnna's 7
LaurieAnna has a knack for mixing the old with the not so old:
LaurieAnna's 6
There is an elegance to everything this woman touches:
LaurieAnna's 16
LaurieAnna always has something that appeals to my primitive roots:
LaurieAnna's 12
If you would like to see more, click here for the the pics I took while visiting Saturday.

On her blog, LaurieAnna is having a daily drawing with lots of wonderful goodies from her store. Heck, you don't have to wait for her to draw your name. She'll let you order online. She ships. Yup. How much better does it get? And no. I did not just tell you all that so that she would start drawing my name. I would never do schmooze for free stuff. *wink* Click here to go to her blog. Peruse, drool and shop. Have fun!

Happy Monday!



  1. Really nice job on the photos, sweetheart!

  2. and David REALLY need to consider taking photos professionally! What a lovely post....thank you for that sweet gift!


  3. Hello Mindy, thank you for the tour. I have been to LaurieAnna's shop, it is lovely. Your photos are really nice too. Did you see her restroom walls? They are really cool too! sandi

  4. I just love LaurieAnnas shop ~ it is absolutely beautiful !! I wish I lived a little closer so I could go more often ~xoxo

  5. I love her shop. I have not been that way in forever. Don't think the Bella girl stroller would make it in her shop. LOL. And yes I am waiting for David to post his website for photography. I want to be his first customer. ;)

  6. She does have such a great place, I really hope I get to make the journey from Alabama back to Texas to visit again some day.

  7. I'm droolin' over here...
    seriously, i think the keys on my keyboard are permanently stuck. I'm GOING THERE!!!!!!!!!! I am I am!!! Wanna go back and pick me up when I swoon every time I turn around?

    ;-) Robelyn
    (You need to see the cabinet/hinges in person...I'd have to pick YOU up when you swoon...)

  8. She has got it going
    yeah baby!

  9. No you wouldn't is fantastic!

  10. Why is the tree brown? is it artificial? made that way or a dead tree? It looks nice you know I must always ask you silly questions ;)

  11. Yummy looking pics! I definitely plan on heading up to Canton after the New Year, so LaurieAnna needs to expect a visit from me!

  12. I love laurie anna's eye for arrangement. Thanks for the tour.

  13. A lot of great stuff there, Mindy. Love the tree decor!


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