Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pics of The P

Boyfriend extraordinaire, David, got his pictures up from our Christmas at The P event.

Click here and enjoy!

Hey! Do you shop on Black Friday? Just wonderin'...



  1. Great pics!

    Girl, there's not enough money in the world to get me out there on Black Friday, I'll leave that to braver souls. :-)

  2. Mindy, loved all of the photos. Everything looks so great. Are you having a lot of fun meeting new customers? You look great too! love your hair style.
    No, you could not get me out on Black Friday to shop. sandi

  3. Mindy - I'm so glad everything at your new place is going so great! The pictures are wonderful - I think I even saw split peas in those vases with the gerbera daisies. Am I right? I just used them to in a wedding reception I did. I love those things - great color. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas season. Many blessings!

  4. Ha! Anne, I haven't gone out for Black Friday since my college days. I'm up and at 'em decorating my home that Friday morning, usually.

    Sandi, yes. It's fun watching new folks come in and discover my space! It's thrilling to see people walk through and "get" me.

    Cathy, you are right. I switched out the white beans for the split peas. Thought if I was going to go with color, I may as well go all out! ~Mindy

  5. HEY!!! Im your newest follower! LUUUUVIN your site! And Black Friday...HEEECK NO! It Skeeers me! The pics were all beautiful! I have an interior design business and blog and im doing 14 days of Christmas trees now...would BEYOND LOVE it if you would come by and visit! PLUS i have a GIVEAWAY!

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  6. I wouldn't go out on Black Friday if you gave me everything I wanted for free!


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