Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spelling Bees make me Smile!

On May 27 of 2009, I posted about the Scripps Spelling Bee. Click HERE to read what I had to say. Go ahead. Click. I'll wait right here. It's decent reading.

This right here, people, is the Super Bowl of Spelling Bees. I take off work to watch it. Seriously, I do! This year, my favorite form of television entertainment will be broadcast Friday, June 4, 8p/7c on ABC. I have my cold drinks chilled and my hand ready to cover the words on the screen so that I can guess out loud. If I can get the etymology, I am so much better. Reckon my college foreign language diction classes are kickin' in? Who knows?

Have you been to Robelyn's blog the last couple days? She is hosting a spelling bee. Go HERE to participate. You could win a red.neck Chic handbag AND some wonderful, fun Sweet Talk tags made by Janet from another Planet, herself!

Need not be present to win. No membership required. This is not a membership drive. You don't have to follow Robelyn or Janet anywhere. No buttons to pick up and deliver. This is a simple little contest. I love those kind! Just guess how many misspelled words are in her post and email Robelyn or comment on her post.

(This picture was stolen from Robelyn without her permission.)

So, get to rearranging your Friday night schedule. I want to hear all about how much you enjoyed the Spelling Bee! And get yourself entered in that drawing. You know you love that bag. And those Sweet Talk tags are the funnest! (I stole this picture, too)

Happy Thursday! ~Mindy


  1. You forgot to mention that no one needs to participate in the Spelling Bee because that purse is all mine! As much as you love a good spelling bee, you ought to go see that play about a spelling bee in which some of the audience members get to participate. Do you know what I'm talking about? If you are interested, I will look up the title. It sounds so fun! I will be emailing you tonight, girlfriend! :)


  2. hahaha!

    picture pirate!!! i so have a mental picture of you covering your eyes and screaming at the tv... LOL

    and yes... i had to look up "etymology" - thank you very much!

    This is so fun!!! I'll be cheering for YOU tomorrow night!

    ;-) Thank You!

  3. Sorry, Malisa. I am afraid that you are mistaken. That purse has my name written all over it. LOL



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