Monday, June 28, 2010

Rock the Boat

Since the next home for Primitiques has not been settled on, I am storing quite a bit of stock in the Bulldog trailer. There really is no need for me to be buying, right? For sure I don't need anything big. Right? Bulky stuff would just be in the way, wouldn't it? All that makes sense, but I just had to rock the boat.

Nah. I didn't buy a heifer. But, isn't that one cute?

I got myself a big old, steel boat with amazing green chippy paint. Check it out.
The Boat
Isn't it awesome? My first thought had been to put it on the island in my pond and pretend it was shipwrecked.
The challenge was loading it in a trailer that was shorter than the boat. David and I love a good challenge! I did mention it was a boat of steel, didn't I? No problem for my boyfriend, the man of steel.
The Boat loading Challenge
To clarify, this boat is big and heavy and bulky. Nothing that I needed to buy. But, I couldn't miss the boat! You would load it up, too. Wouldn't you? We are all in the same boat, right?

Because we think it is worthy, David and I named it. It might not make it to the island. Maybe it will end up in the new store location. Somehow. Would you reach in to grab a red.neck Chic pocketbook?
The SS Primitique
The SS Primitique.

Do you like it? What would you do with it? Of course, it's for sale!

Happy Monday!


  1. Stand it up on it's stern and shelve it! Then put all kinds of nautical goodies for sale in it in your new space.

  2. I would fill it full of ice and beer...great party cooler! Love SS Primitique! Imogene has a boat named Minnow Pause!


  3. Some years ago when we were young and full of ambition, we bought a couple of cabins on a lake in northern Minnesota. There was an old wooden boat that had been in the same spot for so many years that a small tree had grown up through the rotted bottom of the boat. I loved that boat - it was great yard art! Anyway, I always wanted to put a life-sized glow-in-the-dark skeleton in the boat with an oar in each hand. It would have looked so cool to people out on the lake at night!

    I never did find a good skeleton. Maybe you can. It would be great on your island!

  4. I really think you should keep her. After all...didn't you want that one at Zapp to put on your island?
    I love the name with just one tiny suggestion...howsa about HMS Primitiques?
    P.S. Now we are in the same "boat"!

  5. You didn't even mention all the tremendous help you gave me in setting up my new bowhunting blinds! Thank you, honey! XO!

  6. Hey Mindy, how about a huge planter? sandi

  7. Debbie, the difference between you boat and mine? Wood is lighter than steel. We'd have to walk the steel boat to the island...and with the small holes it has in it, we can't glide it along. I'm liking MALisa's idea. That would be one big party! I'm looking for a skeleton and an old fish net now. David, the blinds were a fun experience! ~Mindy

  8. A planter. Now, that's the same thing my dad said! It could happen.

  9. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you yell at that cow? HEY COW!!! Cute!

    I'm not rockin' the boat - but I might jack the boat! Good grief that think rocks! Like a boat! LOVE IT!!! I would hang a bunch of arms off the bench seats and have a cool hanger thingy - water closet? yeah... that's it! A water closet! ha!!!

    :-D LOVE IT!!!
    robelyn (or I could be... captain Robelyn - ss pocketbook...)

  10. Cool piece! I took an old sane net and cut into smaller (approx 6') pieces, washed and decorated with it. I still have some left if interested. Susan

  11. Love the boat! I have seen boats used as planters on lake houses and cottages. Love the look!



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