Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Swap News and Party at W&T's

The Clothes Swap was a great success! We enjoyed a wonderful brunch Saturday morning at my home. It was enough to make me giddy when Robelyn refrained from burning my house down as she fried the bacon!
Robelyn not burning my house down
We had 10 gals come to my house with armloads of clothes. I used a total of 5 clothes racks. A double one for dresses and skirts, 2 racks for jeans/slacks/capris/shorts, and 2 racks for shirts and light jackets. There were shoes and purses and jewelry and swimsuits. My friends were READY to clean out their closets, and did they ever!
Staci, Donna and Rhonda checking out the tops
Picking out new-to-us, free clothes was fun!

When it was all said and done, everyone walked away with new duds and we had stacks of clothes to donate to a local charity. Here is my car loaded to the roof!
2010May29-31_Memorial Day weekend 076
A feel good/feel good situation, any way you look at it! (Plus, there was bacon.)

What's on the agenda next? This Saturday, we'll be in Athens at Winnie & Tulula's, celebrating 1 year with a Junk & Disorderly Sidewalk Sale. In addition to many dealers having discounts on their spaces inside, many of us will be set up outside on the sidewalks with bargains galore!

I do believe I've heard rumblings of some famous bloggers making appearances.

Rumors I've heard include a visit by the wonderful and fun Angelique of Six in One Hand. Will she bring her mason jar? We'll just have to see!
Robelyn of red.neck Chic said she'll drop by. What kind of wonderful bag will she have on her shoulder? I can't wait to see!
2010May29-31_Memorial Day weekend 037
A little birdy told me that Adrienne of The Flying Bee is swinging by all the way from Louisiana. Gotta love her!

Who else? Oh! David of Student of Life said he would come and help me. He rocks! And you know he'll have his camera so you better wear something pretty!
David and his dog
Are you coming? I hope so!

Happy Monday! ~Mindy


  1. Sounds like a fun swap. I hope to make it to W&T's sale. Lezlee

  2. oh great. you didn't tell you were having bacon at the clothing swap. i would have so traded clothes for bacon!


  3. My mom had a great time at the clothing swap! And I got to eat some of the leftover bacon! I look forward to seeing everyone at the Junk & Disorderly sidewalk sale!

  4. Hey Mindy
    Glad your clothes swap went well! Wish I could be there for all the fun...
    Hope you had a great Memorial weekend and life is good for you.
    Many Blessings

  5. Do you Texan girls ever stop partying?!! How can people have so much fun, so often...

  6. I cooked!!! And - despite the "crazy sister"'s help - I didn't burn your house down! That was a great moment of excitement. I think I'll try the whole bacon thing again!!! AND! I think I'll wear the really cool dress I brought home with me!!!

    Now - I'm going to try to figure out why I'm jaundiced before Saturday morning... you never know what I might be bringin' along with me!!!

    :-D robelyn

  7. I will most definitely be there...and I will make sure to look extra purdy for the paparazzi! I hope Angelique does bring her mason jar and an extra one for me...after two full days of Canton with my four guys in tow, I will need a good drink! LOL!

  8. Bacon makes everything better, it's a scientifically proven fact.

    Nope, I won't be there, I'm part of a wedding party. Y'all have a blast with out me!


  9. Lezlee! I hope you can!

    Janet, are you teasing?

    Rebecca, me too! Wish you were here.

    Zita, if I keep hosting parties, my house will remain clean. That's the plan!

    Adrienne, have fun in Canton with the entire crew! Y'all will be grateful for some a/c!

    Anne, I fried bacon today and the aroma is wafting all over me still. Yum!


  10. I'm already loading the trailer, and don't forget that sunscreen.


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