Friday, June 18, 2010

Where I Create

(I stole this picture from Robelyn)

There is a fun little party going on at My Desert Cottage hosted by Karen Valentine called Where Bloggers Create II. Are you aware? Well, I have heard quite a bit about it from my friend, Robelyn. She has been working on her creative space and her pictures and her posting, and well, she's been in a bit of a frenzy. And she is mighty proud to show you her la.bor.a.tory. Nah, I'm not an "official" participant, but I thought I'd share...

When I thought about where I create, I joked that I'd have to take a picture of my driveway and a garden hose. I usually go to my driveway to "create" clean stuff with my hose. And beyond creating clean stuff, I thought, I'm not very creative.

Truth is, my talents are just different. I create! I create vignettes. Living spaces. Looks.

I opened Primitiques in September of 2007, just a couple weeks before my first date with David. The location was a room inside of Jack's Town & Country in Poetry, Texas. The owner of the store and I shared the space, but she allowed me creative license with design and decorating. Here's a glimpse of the early days.
Roller Skates and Memories

Check out these fun, quilt covered frames.
Frame that Funky Stuff

I don't see much in this picture that's still around. This is a good thing!
The Red Doll

Are you noticing less color than the first picture? Uh huh. I discovered a like for less color.

Look! Fun, quilt covered frames!
Quilted Frames
Welcome to Primitiques

This picture was taken this past Christmas.
2009December02_Primitiques 029
Old Fan Case

And I took this picture this morning.

See? I can create. I've enjoyed my creative space at Jack's.

Why am I going down memory lane with you today? Well, because this weekend is my last weekend in Jack's Town & Country.

Jeannie and Jack opened Jack's Town & Country and Jumpin' Jacks, a grill and convenience store next door, years ago. Jack has since passed away, and Jeannie has fought to keep the dream alive. This week, a difficult decision was made. The Jack's complex is being downsized. The grill was closed and the convenience store is being combined with the feed store. Due to the downsizing, a need for Primitiques to find a new home has become necessary. I will be packing my bags and loading The Bulldog tomorrow after the Dress Up Party.

Without question. Jeannie and Jack's have been good to me. I've had a home to play and stretch and grow for almost three years.

While change isn't always welcome in my life, I am excited about the possibilities. Where will I create next? I am talking to someone now. When things are finalized and hands are shaken, I will tell you allll about my grand opening.

Remember those fun, quilt covered frames? They were with me the first day at Jack's and they will be with me the last day at Jack's. We'll have a drawing tomorrow to give them away. Hmmm... I wonder if anyone will put their name in the pot! *wink*
Fun Frames

I've still got David, too. But there will not be a drawing for him. You can't have him!


New Things. Exciting Things. Life is Grand and I am Happy!

Happy Weekend! ~Mindy


  1. Aww, I know God is opening windows for you. I was gonna' come get after you when you started that, "I don't create line", but then it was ok, because I kept reading and you do recognize your talents. Good Luck, I'm heading over to see the la bor ra tory. Lezlee

  2. I adore you.

    And those frames are interesting.

    :-D robelyn

  3. p.s.
    i like to shop in your creative space and ain't nothin' wrong with hosers. Oh - water hoses.


  4. It's always difficult when a decision is made for you, but it will truly open doors! Keep us posted, and good luck clearing out!

  5. Loving your post today and wish I could make it to the "dress up" party as that is something that I love to do.....I guess I never grew up when it comes to that! LOL I am a firm believer that when one door closes in life another one opens! That is part of the adventure, not knowing what is waiting behind the "new" door! Happy Junkin....Cathy

  6. Think of all the inventory you'll have for Round Top. Hope you have a great sale. Jan

  7. Hey Mindy
    You are such a sweet soul and I know better things are ahead. I know exactly what you are going through and your creative space is simply wonderful!
    Many Blessings to you

  8. Love your attitude. That is exactly one of the reasons why you will be successful wherever you go next. Blessings, Marta.

  9. Looking forward to the party tomorrow!

  10. Wow Mindy...I love your enthusiasm and outlook on everything. You have to be one of the most positive girls I know. Positivity brings such good things into your life and you are a prime example of it. I wish you the best in what's yet to come, no doubt about it :)))
    Love your creative spaces. You are one of the fortunate ones to have so many of them! :)

  11. Of course you create!
    Being creative is so much more than being crafty. Oh, how well I know this!

    Best wishes as you enter this next stage of the journey!

  12. Sometimes changes happen fast, but I know that you will find it a good one. Tomorrow may be a hard one, to say goodbye, but there will be even better things coming! We're all looking forward to hear what you will be doing next!

  13. Hello Mindy, I will be thinking about you today. Have fun at the party. I know something wonderful is going to be coming your way. God Bless you and David. sandi

  14. Gurl...what a great post! Sorry you have to move, but as Martha is want to say "'s a good thing..." change is.
    I LOVE those frames! what a wonderful idea to utitlize those great old cutters layin' around. You are so smarty -smart. HOpe dress up was fun!

  15. Sorry you have to move, but I'm sure you will find another great place to be creative in!!!

  16. Mindy, you are an incredibly talented woman even if your driveway is your canvas. You have a real gift for setting up your spaces and making the craziest things look like something we all need in our homes. I can't wait to see photos of your new space. I know you will put your magic touch on it and make it another incredible space.

  17. A word of thanks to all of you who left such warm words of encouragement. I look forward to my future. Jack's was my beginning. Not my end. ~Mindy

  18. Well, I am a little late on this but, I just have to say yay for new beginnings! I know it is always hard to say goodbye to something....but just think of all the new possibilities! I can't wait to see where you will be creating next! Yes, I said creating because that is what you do and you are darn good at it too!

  19. Thanks for clearing that up, I've been wondering. Glad to see your party went well, I thought about you all as I was shopping around Arkansas. I see some retro glassware in that "old" pic. Do you still have any of that hanging around?

    Can't wait to see what's in your future.


  20. Like Lezlee said, God will be opening windows for you and in this case quilt covered windows! I CANNOT believe those did not sell! Really?! I just love the idea...Thanks for sharing your creative space!

  21. Love your displays, Mindy. One chapter finished. Where will the next chapter take you?!! I'm sure there are lots of exciting possibilities...


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