Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happiness Abounds

Are you starting to giggle?
Does the idea of playing Dress Up with me and Robelyn make you laugh out loud?

Or are the butterflies trapped inside?
Robelyn grins
We may have to have a change of costume, mid-party. There are way too many cute old clothes in our closets! The blue dress that I am wearing has been in my closet for so many years, I can't remember whose it was...Aunt Bert's? Grandmom's? A lady who died and I never knew? Hmmm Robelyn is sporting a wonderful bed jacket. Love it!

Here's our first costume change. This 70's dress is what inspired the Dress Up Party. I fell in love with it! And that party gown of Robelyn's? Check out those daisies on the collar line. Sweet!
2010May29-31_Memorial Day weekend 038
Here's a pleasant pheasant at Primitiques. He doesn't have a change of clothes.
This old school table has some very interesting graffiti on the under side. If you lay on your back under the table and look up, you can be entertained and/or insulted for hours.
Old School Table
Yes. Primitiques (<--- click there to see pictures from the beginning of time) is changing locations. Stay tuned for more information. We'll be packing up June 26. So, get here when you can!

My future, dare I say, is so bright, I gotta wear shades!
Starting this morning, every item of Primitiques merchandise is 25% off the lowest marked price. Now, if that doesn't make you giggle, I don't know what will!
Are you coming to the Dress Up Party?

Happy Wednesday!

ps. David has declined to dress up for our party. Not even an old polyester tie! But, he will be there looking handsome and taking our pictures. Reckon we ought to let him off the hook?


  1. I really think he should participate. I think I have a pair of Mork suspenders he could sport or how 'bout a Cat Daddy gold jacket!
    Wish I could come...I do love a good party and this sounds like a doozie!

  2. Oh, I think I've owned a couple of those dresses in the past!! You 2 look so CUTE! Have fun and sell lots. Pictures are good, so maybe you don't want to pick on the photogragher!

  3. I think you should let him off the hook. After all, who else is going to help you move to your new space? :)

  4. Okay - Amy has a good point there...

    *giggle, giggle*

    I don't think he should get away with it (even though Amy has a good point)... somebody's gotta wear the polyester, hair piece and polished up boat shoes with black socks showing under the hem line of the polyester pants that are plaid and tooooooo short. Then we can take pictures 'cause hello... those pictures would HAVE to go on youtube and flickr and the front page of the newspaper, and...

    That chair rocks!!! I can bring some rooster feathers for the pheasant... will that work?

    This is gonna be fun!!! *giggle*

    :-) robelyn

  5. Oh poor David, he is a good sport to take photos of all you gals. Have a great time, wish I lived closer. Love that old school table...sandi

  6. That second ensemble you're sporting is majorly babealicious! Robelyn, too! Hot mama's!

  7. I think I would be in tears from laughter if me and my best friend had a day of dress up:) Kudos to the two of you for having fun. Those dresses are amazing, time for me to head to the nearest vintage dress shop for some fun!

  8. Looks like alot of fun, I'll be home this weekend catching up on things, which is no fun at all!!!

  9. You always keep me smiling, my love! And Amy is wise beyond her years!

  10. Thanks, everybody! I think it's going to be a lot of fun! ~Mindy


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