Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You Gotta Go!

Wondering what to do with yourself the next couple days? Kilgore and Terrell are fine destinations, let me tell ya!

Tomorrow (June 10) morning, folks will start lining up outside of the private residence of Judy and Bill Hill in Kilgore, Texas. Why? Because it is time for another JHillDesign home show! Judy will open the doors to her home at 10am sharp. And let me tell you. Are you listening? You want to be there. I kid you not. The woman has got skills. Here's a little write up about it. Here are pictures David took at the 2009 spring show. You will not be disappointed! Just holler at her at her blog for the address. Love her! Get there.
Get there early, fill up your truck, get home, empty, and then head to Terrell, Texas with more cash.
Debriz The talents of our own Debbie and Cat Daddy along with the outstanding skillz of Liz and Fran will have you doing the happy dance that you hit Terrell!

While I can't make it to Judy's show, I will be shopping the Debriz sale Friday morning. Maybe I'll see you there. Leave me something, would ya?

Happy Wednesday! ~Mindy


  1. Dang, we really should have taken the day off! That Judy Hill Home show is so pixelicious! lol I remember the 2009 show well, as it was my first time to use the Canon 50D and I was reading the owner's manual as you drove there!

  2. Girlfriend...that's putting it out there for the whole wide world to see! Thank you so much...I'm worrying about whether we'll have any shoppers. Keep the old fingers crossed...'kay?
    P.S. You're the best. I'm including that photo you sent me in a post I'm working on.

  3. I wish I was there! I don't need more stuff but who does.. That's not why we buy stuff is it! We all can't get enough. WE want something cool to look at every inch of garden and room! Love your blog!


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