Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spelling Bee

I am a spelling fanatic. I like to spell correctly. When I turned 40 (I know the fact that I have reached that pinnacle may shock some of you), I asked for a new dictionary. I keep that dictionary beside my desk at all times.

When I was perusing for a man, spelling counted. Seriously. David actually complimented me on my writing skills (spelling included) when he contacted me on See? We are so well suited, we share this desire for proper spelling! Have I mentioned that we have been dating for 20 months now? Indeed!

I digress. I just did a spell check and it says "no misspellings found". Whew!

So, are you aware that tomorrow night, Thursday evening, 8p/7c, the Scripps National Spelling Bee Finals are being televised on ABC?

My sister, LucyJane, and I will be planted in front of the TV. Pina coladas in hand. Cheering on whoever catches our fancy. We will raise our hand between our eyes and the TV, cover the word on the screen, and then fail miserably at spelling it out loud.

So, my friends, this is your public service announcement. Set your DVR, Tivo, old school VCR. Use a pen to circle it on your TV guide. Mark your calendar. Clear your calendar! Prepare to cheer on a child. Challenge yourself. Enjoy good, clean, simple entertainment.

And then, come back here and tell me all about it. If you give it a chance, you will realize and appreciate why I have watched the Scripps Spelling Bee Finals the last 3 years, without fail.

Love it!


  1. I love your blog. I saw your post at Erin's site (Woman in a Window) and the word 'poetry' jumped out at me. I'm a word/poetry freak... I used to be a fabulous speller (won the spelling bee 2 years in a row in elementary school---highlight of my young life) until I hit 50 and time began to evaporate and my eyesight with it. Tee-Hee. I forget to spellcheck and often don't have time to forgive me if I have an error ;-) I cringe when I find them later!!!

    I love, love the Sweet Potato Queens, too! Oh, and the Ya-Ya's. Rebecca Wells is from the town I live in, Alexandria, Louisiana. I know her brother. Do you read her books?

    I love old buidings, antiques (although the only one I own is a cherry wood china cabinet that I inherited from Mama---who's still alive, long story--and my husband---).

    I'm in central Louisiana. I'll have to plan a road trip and check out your store!! Blessings from your neighboring state!!

  2. How fun! I love spelling! We should do a junker's spelling bee! :)


  3. Hi! Mindy,

    I have something lovely for you on my blog. Check it out!

  4. GIRLFRIEND!!!! I am SO with you about spelling. It is OUR LANGUAGE. Let us know it, spell it and use it correctly!!!!! One of the first posts I did actually was a disclaimer about a certain Co-Chippy who cain't spell it fer nuthing; I plan on having my cocktail in hand and cheering them on! ox lulu

  5. Spelling is my downfall. I just CANNOT spell correctly. Seriously, I've considered taking grade school spelling classes. I'm terrible. I write with open and look up countless words. I also spell check, but I know so many words fall through the cracks. It's hopeless!

    Feel free to correct me anytime. You can be my live spell-check.

  6. So glad to know someone else gets such a thrill when they see that "no misspellings found". Glad you had a good weekend. Jan

  7. I am a spelling and grammar freak! However, I must agree with Marion...when you turn 50, something just clicks and bye bye internal spell check! When I read my posts now, I think "was I drunk?" or "was I breathing?". Oh, both. :)


  8. I have my DVR set, but I really hope to be watching it with you and LucyJane. Save me a pina colada!

  9. Whenever I try to spell I feel like William Shatner trying to ward off a stun ray and not doing too well at it.

    Everytime I ask my husband, how do you spell***he says, G.o.o.g.l.e. It drives me mad!

  10. It's no secret I agonize over words and spelling. I drive spellcheck crazy since I tend to write in vernacular. I also worry about grammar (think dangling participles, et. al), punctuation and anything that might make me look a little backwards! It takes me forever to get a post up and mine always seem so long(even though I don't mean for them to be)! So please, be kind...even if you see a mistake, don't tell me. Ignorance is bliss, OK?

  11. You are so right! I forgot the brackets that I picked up in Texas. I still have them. I forgot to take photos! Thanks for reminding me!!!


  12. All I can say is "thank goodness for spell check"! :)

    Thank you my dear friend for your sweet and understanding comments at the Yaya! It truly means a lot to me and my Texan hubby....this is just heartbreaking to know that we are responsible for taking food from someone's table for their family and possibly their home! :(

    So, please keep our staff and the company in your prayers as we all go through these times!


  13. Yes, I like people who can spell well too, Mindy. Would love to watch that spelling bee, but I don't have a television. Well, maybe I could at least have a drink in solidarity, because I support good spelling!

  14. That is sweet. So actually you probably really hate my emails or comments Ha! :)

  15. Mindy - I tagged you! Check out my blog! Andrea

  16. Hi Mindy,
    I was so laughing at this post, since I am such a horrible speller, and have to SPELL CHECK everything!

  17. Me too, me too!! I strive to spell correctly...always. I was the queen bee speller in my elementary school and I hold my head high because of it!! :)

    Who knew we spellers could be such a strong group...?!!

    I hope you have a great weekend, and find some great junkin' treasures!



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