Thursday, June 17, 2010

People are Talkin'

Are you listening?

MALisa said this and this. (Styrofoam head looks interested)
Jenn said this. (He's listening hard)
Lezlee said this. (Curly top is intrigued)
Robelyn said this. (The angel is listening and smiling)
When MALisa, Jenn, Lezlee and Robelyn talk, you should listen and take heed. Everything pictured above is at least 25% off the lowest marked price.

Look! Janet from Sweet Talk just said this: "Oh yeah, and that cute guurrrl Mindy is having a dress-up day at Primitiques this Saturday! I can’t make it, but I would sure love it if you went and took a bunch a pictures so I can see everything I missed!"

Click here to see the most recent pictures of Primitiques. Come and get it!

Happy Thursday!

ps. Thanks, ladies for posting about my little party! Y'all will get extra cookies and maybe I'll spike your lemonade at the Dress Up Party. *wink*


  1. Great slideshow, Mindy and David! I'd love to be there. I know you all will have a ball, can't wait to see photos of all the dressin' up!

  2. listen? i'm bowing! hey, i just posted about your little soiree....what do i get? haha! hope you girlies have fun...without me. *sad face*

  3. I'm bringin' my mason jar for the spiked stuff... just so you know!

    This is going to be fun!!! Have I said that already? I'll say it again... this is gonna be fun!!!

    :-D robelyn

  4. Debra, wish you could come! I think it's gonna be a hoot!

    Janet, thanks again for the shout out. And we are gonna miss you!

    Robelyn, anywhere 2 or more red.necks are gathered, it's gonna be fun. Mason jar or not. ha! ~Mindy

  5. Hey Mindy Girl!
    Sounds like a blast wish I could come! Will look forward to the pictures!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. OK. I love a good DRESS UP! It is partly-mainly- why i do the Scott's show...costume change!
    So I will be sporting my look and posting on be one-with-the-Mindy! I'll certainly be spiking my sparkling water with a little sumpin' sumpin'....have fun...oxox

  7. Wish I could be there! Y'all have a blast!


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