Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What is going on

I tell you what. Life has me busy! You know I was not lifting heavy stuff for a while. But, that is over.

My sister put her hands in the air and had a birthday.
I found this funky piece with great lichen on it.
David and I went to a beautiful wedding. Click HERE to see the pics David took at the reception. The man is good.
You know that I am starting to look at my clothes for Warrenton. I know. I won't care after I've sweat, ate dirt, dealt with people who want things for free, etc. But, I'm going to try to go with cute, comfy clothes. Ten days of cute, comfy clothes. This could be a challenge. And shoes. Y'all know how I am about shoes! Oh, no! Cute or comfort or practical? hmmm
Primitiques is in need of shoppers. If you are nearby and you swing by, you will find that I have been storing some Warrenton items at the store. Scary that it seems no one has noticed! If you come between now and the close of business this Saturday, I imagine you can get some great stuff that I intended for Warrenton. Otherwise, it is getting packed up soon!
David and I are planning an early trip to Warrenton. We'll take a load and set up the camper. Yes. We'll be camping during the show. Luckily, I've camped all my life. So, this won't feel so much like roughing it to me.

What is going on in your world?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Looks like you are having a fun week! Happy Birthday to Sister, and I don't think you could be correct that there is just a month till the BIG FALL SHOW arrives. Impossible! Guess I'd better get ta packin'! Hugs, D

  2. Cute photo of your sis! Where are you "camping" during the show? I was thinking of "camping" for a few days!


  3. The clothes would be difficult but how do you get enough merchandise there to last that many days. Hope you have a great sale. Jan

  4. Thanks for stopping by to comment on our blog - we'd LOVE to come and visit you, too! I left you a comment on our blog too...Andrea

  5. Hey I have the same stool! The yellow and steel one in your last picture...except mine is like a chipping turqoise blue.

    I've never been camping. That's all I'll say. My mind creates scenarios complete with snakes in my pillow and mud in my toes.

    I hope you have a great time and sell out! I'm sure you'll look cute no matter what you decide to wear. Pass along a Happy Birthday to your sister.

  6. Travel trailer camping is roughing it easy! It should be fun! Looking forward to it!

  7. Oh my gosh...when you said 'camping' the first picture that came to mind is the movie 'The Long, Long Trailer', Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez...too funny! I'm sure you 2 aren't anything like that, it's just the camping picture that came to
    Tami E.


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