Monday, August 24, 2009

Packing and Dancing

Are you aware? Seriously! One month from today, David and I will be in Warrenton, at Zapp Hall laughing and sweating and setting up and dancing. We dance everywhere we go.

In the meantime, I have to pack!
Suitcases for Warrenton
For months, I've used this harvest table to spread out smalls. Kind of like an inspiration board. An inspiration table. Setting the mood for my buying. Reminding me of the "look".
Time to price and pack!
The time has come. The time to price everything and pack those suitcases! Time to clear off the table and turn my house back into a home, instead of a setting stage for the Fall Show at Zapp Hall.
Bout to pack it all up!
I'm packing for my very first show. Very exciting! One month from now, David and I will be dancing. Are you packing? Are you coming to dance with us?
Bandera Saloon
Happy Monday!


  1. Sounds like hard work, but so much fun! Don't forget to pack your cameras!

  2. I'm just so jealous......
    Wish I could go.
    Y'all will have to do a dance in honor of me while you're there! hehe ...
    Or hey, I can frame a picture of myself, send it to can take it along so I can say I went and saw it. Nahhhhhhh guess that really wouldn't be fun. Ohhhh well, maybe soon I'll make it back out to Texas for one of these fun events.

  3. I guess what we don't know we'll figure out as we go along. Kind of like my dancing!

  4. I'm glad you've been working on the smalls, Mindy, which will be great for people like me who are flying in from out of town. Good job. I like that you call it your inspiration table.

  5. Oh how fun. Wish I could be there to see all your goodies. Some day!

  6. Don't you wish you could just go out & do the buying and someone else would tug it home & mark it. Hope you have a great show. Do you have time to do a little buying too? Jan

  7. I'm counting down with you. I'm sure you are a much better dancer than I so I'll let you do all the dancing.

  8. Hunting, shopping, diplaying, and yes, even cleaning are great to me....but the pricing, ugh...I really, really don't like that pricing thing...just the end results of doing it..Loving all the clocks..

  9. Debra, our cameras and batteries will be packed. I'm sure David will toil and trouble over what lenses to bring.

    Tracy and Pam, pack your bags and come on!

    Zita, you are coming! I don't think I knew. I am excited to meet you! I have lots of packing papers to pack your things just right for flying.

    Amy, very exciting!

    Jan & Gale, you are right. Pricing is no fun. David set me up on excel for my bookkeeping and pricing has been made easier. Yea! Jan, I will get a little shopping time in. Maybe. Depends on my help and crowds, though. Gale, bout to check out your blog. You coming to the show?

    Theresa, I imagine you and C can shine a buckle or two! I need to grab that countdown thing you have. Great idea!

    4 suitcases are packed and I'm grabbing smalls from all over my house now. Time for a good cleaning around here!


  10. Love the lastest pictures! Wish I could go thru all of your stuff you are taking to Warrenton. Looks like you are going to have a great show. Good luck and Have Fun!
    Girls Gone Junkin'

  11. So fun! I think pricing all your stuff would be the hardest part of things.

    Hope you have a great time and sell out!

  12. Maybe one day I will get to see your place. I have relatives in Terrell. I would truly enjoy shopping in your place. Nice post.

  13. They say Disney World is the happiest place on earth, but I think Warrenton is! It will great to meet you...we will be there the last weekend. Save some good stuff for us.

  14. It will be here before you know it! I'm getting things ready myself and am so excited to see everyone again. I will be set-up by the time you get there so I will come by and check you out. I know your booth is going to be awesome!!!!

  15. Hello Mindy, You and David are going to have so much fun at the show. Wish I could be there too. I hope I can make the Spring show. Sell and have a great show. sandi

  16. i'll take all the smalls, please:) if only...i was at the spring show, for the first time in my life...which just makes me all the more miserable now, 'cause i know what i'm missing!!! best of luck with your first warrenton sale, mindy:)



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