Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Broom and a Moo

It all started with this simple broom head.
Broom 001
I like the look of it and decided it needed a new purpose. So, now it holds stuff. Where's an N when I need one?
Broom 002
I got some new business cards the other day. Check this out.
Broom 019
Are you familiar with Moo cards? This smart company allows you to use pictures from your flickr account to make business cards. David surprised me with some mini-moo cards last year. They are half the size of a business card. So, here are the fronts of some of my cards on the card holder.
Broom 005
The program is fairly user friendly. You should check it out!
Broom 021
And how bout that card holder? I'm feeling so creative.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Love your card holder. Talk about recycling. Keep those creative juices flowing. I'm going to check out the website. Thanks, Jan

  2. Now that's going Texas Big!! What a great inspiration, Mindy.
    My Best,

  3. Iv'e heard about these cards before, thanks for jogging my memory. Love your BIG broom. Last week I found an old orange rake and my hubs asked why would I want that old thing. He didn't get it, Good Grief, it was ORANGE!

  4. Very cute idea for the broom head !!! Great Thinking ...

    sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm

  5. Now that took some thinking. Great idea Mindy! sandi

  6. You really swept up with that one! hahahah....
    you're clever.

  7. Nice job on the Moo cards, honey!

  8. Hi, Mindy , Thanks for the sweet compliments on my chair re - do. I love the cards from Moo , Isabel has some and I've been meaning to order too. Thanks for the reminder! Don't worry about the N , it'll find you. Have David take a trillion photos at the show - I can't wait to hear about your adventure! xoxo , Sue

  9. Laurie had these at the show last fall and I just loved them.
    Is this what is meant by making a clean sweep of things?

  10. You're amazingly creative! Love the business I just need a business. :-)

  11. I love it! Of course, I am going dizzy trying to see the photos on the cards, LOL!

  12. The mini-moos are fab but I am LOVING how you displayed them! Creativity at its finest!

  13. Cool cards! and the broom...I would never had thought of that! :-) I have to tell you, I think it's so nice to see your 'honey' always comment...he must be a sweetie!You, apparently are a very lucky lady! Hope you're feeling well...Tami E.


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