Monday, August 17, 2009

People are Cool

Some days, people are so cool, you just wanna hug 'em til the cows come home. Seriously!

Take my yaya friend, Debi. Just for grins, once a month, she has a drawing. Guess who won July's drawing. Moi! Refer to the picture. Right side. Candle with candelabra and wonderful cluster of white bracelets. She sent me those just cuz I love her and leave her comments. Go check her out. The drawing for August will be a turquoise goodie. If you leave a comment, sign my name. I need me some turq!
Free Stuff

See the cardboard tube to the left of the cool candle? Amy of WhisperWood and Junkologie sent me that cuz she knew I'd love it. Seriously. Just sent it to me. No charge. Free. Cuz she loves me. I need to hug this woman. Amy!!! Come to Texas for some huggin'!

Next, see the book and kick booty bookmark/gift card/work of art? These came from Katie, our Ragamuffin Gal in MO. I basically told her that I could use a book to read, so she drew my name amongst I don't know how many and sent it to me. She also sent some cool clip art. David's daughter snatched that up before I could snap photos.

It has been like Christmas at the mailbox lately!

Wanna see the flowers David brought me the day of my surgery?

Love David's Flowers!
Beautiful, eh?

My sister, the retired hair dresser, told me that I needed to add some "ch, ch, ch" to my hair and scrunch it. I inquired what "ch, ch, ch" was and she said I'd find some under my cabinet if I looked. So, I peered into the black hole under the sink and came up with some "ch, ch, ch" and got to scrunching. I can't decide if it looks like I'm fresh out of bed, or if I look incredibly artsy. What do you think?
Funky Scrunched Hair
I'm meeting Mayron for lunch and she promises to share her opinion with me. In fact, I need to get going!

Happy Monday and Many Hugs!


  1. Aren't there some of the most generous people in the world out there? I just love blogging and who I have been privileged and blessed to get to meet because of it!
    P.S. Let me know what Mayron says. She's a hoot!

  2. I forgot to add I think the scrunch looks cute!

  3. Anyone who has teeth & eyes like yours can wear their hair any darn way they want but I love it scrunchy. You've certainly had a good week for gifts. That Katie is the best & a wonderful friend & happens to live in my neighborhood. Have a good week. Jan

  4. me LOVE scrunchy! Yes, very "arty"!
    Have a fun day, and your flowers were wonderful!

  5. You look m-a-ha-v-o-l-u-s! Actually, quite chic! Hope all is well....Tami E.

  6. I think it looks ch, ch, charming! Love you!

  7. Mindy - I love your new hair cut and the scrunching as well. What did you use on your hair to make it look that way? Linda (Breznlin)

  8. Thanks, Debbie!

    Amy's coming to Texas! Yee haw!

    Jan...Thank you so much!

    Amen to that, Margo.

    Thank you Debra and Tami!

    David! I'm so glad you like it!

    Linda, I towel dried it and ch-ch-ch'd some Redken Body Full, weightlifter into the roots and scrunched. That's it. Quite simple.

    Maybe I can get some junking in this week. ~Mindy

  9. What the fu-fu-fu is ch-ch-ch? Whatever it is, I like it! You look groovy, my lucky friend!


  10. I love the ch ch ch it is fun and funky! The flowers are beautiful! I am sure that mine will be delivered sometime this week... :) Glad that you are all better and out and about. When will you be workin over here at W&Ts?

  11. Mindy , I love your new hair do - especially all scrunched up! How's all your planning and pricing going for Malburger? Don't overdo. xo, Sue

  12. Cute I think it needs some.. fru fru too! When you put the gel in grab it from the end of your hair and crunch it really good while pushing it upward & close to your scalp and let it free lol! Thus giving it a semi-curly look even if its straight:)

  13. I LOVE the new "cha cha"....Okay, you need to send me your size..because I have the "perfect" shirt in my store that I am going to send you!

    It says "put some yaya in your chacha"!!!! :) Love the look like an artzy fartzy rock star! ;)


  14. Shirley! Where ya been? Thank you for the hint. I actually did scrunch it as you instructed. Perhaps the product wasn't as good as a gel might have been. I've actually used a 1" barrel roll brush while drying and that result has been the best, so far. I'm not opposed to the curl, just need to perfect it. Thanks and it's good to hear from you!

    Debi, you rock in so many ways. Thank you!


  15. I like it! Kinda sassy. My head needs an overhaul...a little ch, ch, ch wouldn't be enough for me. It's S.C.A.R.R.Y!

    I've been junking...can't wait to show you. :-)

  16. Were we all suppose to send gifts? crap....


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