Friday, August 14, 2009

New Hair

So, my ability to go shopping is limited. No heavy lifting. Besides that, my energy level isn't up to par for power shopping.

I've been watching a lot of What Not to Wear and I decided a new hair style was in order.
2009August14Hair 006

The tresses=long. The curls=natural. The color=(close to) natural. Sure. Time for change. Why not?

2009August14Hair 008

I went to the salon my sister uses and I gave the girl with scissors permission to have fun.
2009August14Hair 011
2009August14Hair 013
2009August14Hair 015
Trina talked me into some highlights. She convinced me that I don't need any stinkin' ponytail holders. She brought me into this century. Yea!

That was almost as fun as finding a good piece of cheap junk. I'm going to go take a nap now. And thank you to all you folks, including the lurkers, who have left nice comments and wished me well. I sure do appreciate the love.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Love the new "do". Take care of you!!

  2. Well, aren't you beautiful! Still! Love you and love your haircut!

  3. Mindy, I seems you are feeling better and I love your new hair cut....It is very stylish.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Love it Girl! I truly do? I just did the same thing and it has completely changed my outlook on life ;). Does Handsome Man like it?

  5. ooh, cute cut. Bet it's easy to take care of. Glad to hear you're behaving.

  6. LOVE the new hair! You're really stylin'! Glad you're feeling up to some fun stuff. Nothing like surgery to make you want to "reshuffle" things in life.
    NOW, tell David that he has totally cracked me up lately with his comments. Mindy, do you ever feel like you're just being "set-up" for his humor? If you haven't seen them, then check out my last two posts. He's good, reaaaal good! LOL

  7. Mindy: I come home to find a new you! I love your new "do"! Sorry you had to go thru your surgical procedure, but, after looking at your new photos, I am sure that you are better than ever!


  8. You couldn't get the doc to "take a little off the top" while he was at it?
    It looks really cute.

  9. Classy do! Looks great on you. See ya soon. Susan

  10. Looks great, I'd die without pony tail holders though. Gotta have enough hair to pull back. Highlights never hurt.
    Good for you, taking care of yourself.


  11. Love the new 'do'! Bright and stylish, easy care, just what you need to feel better. :-) Tami E.

  12. Love the new haircut. A new haircut sometimes is just what's needed. Stay cool! Jan

  13. I love your hair, it's so pretty.
    I used to have that cut, I miss it ....

    Have a great day,

  14. Thanks, y'all! It was a leap, since I'd been growing it out for quite some time. ~Mindy

  15. Mindy, you look amazing. Looking very current. You might have to give up antiquing and go contemporary.

  16. Cute hair girlie!! Sassy... Glad to hear you are feeling better!! See ya soon over at Jo's!

  17. Mindy,
    Love your haircut and color!


  18. Love your new haircut - you look great, Mindy!

  19. I like the new cut! Glad you are on the mend! Take care and rest up for Zapp Hall. My friend with my snowmen will be on the lookout for you. Her name is Marianne so say "Hi" if you find her...she is from Wisconsin.

  20. Oh, my goodness, you look ten years younger!!! Love the haircut!!! I am glad you are recovering well!

  21. Ok, you can call me a lurker...I've been called worse! haha
    Glad you are taking it easy AND you went to pamper yourself with a new "do"! Looks great girlie! I wish I were brave like you to have someone take the scissors to my hair. I must still be the only one in the last century with a ponytail and a baseball cap at best!
    Continue to rest up and enjoy your new "do"~
    everything vintage

  22. Super cute, LOVE it girl!! I need pone myself, this long suff ain;t been cute in two years. I trim it every few weeks, but it is in need of a tune up...if I can slow down long enough!! Thanks for inspiring! Tootles, Janna

  23. WOW!!! LOVE it girlfriend!!!! :) xo...deb

  24. Mindy, I love the hair cut on you. I keep trying it on myself my hair is to natural curly. Just doesn't work for me. You look so cute. And if David likes it that is all that matters. I hope you had a nice long nap. Your body is trying so hard to heal. You will be feeling much better real soon. Love ya girl, Sandi

  25. soooo cute! I love it! praying you will be up to speed in no time at all!

  26. Absolutely darling change! I found you through maison douce and am so happy I did!

  27. Love the highlights!


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