Friday, August 7, 2009

Up Close and Personal

This morning, my camera and I got up close and personal with a few recent finds.
Close up 011
I sure do like the macro feature on my camera.
Close up 015
Sometimes, the parts are just as great as the whole.
Close up 009
Not always, but this is all you're gettin'.
Close up 007
Speaking of up close and personal, I am having an ovarian cyst surgically removed Monday morning. While I don't predict any issues, and I'm not at all worried about it, prayers are always appreciated.

David and I will be making a personal appearance at Winnie & Tulula's tomorrow/ Saturday afternoon if anyone wants to come see us. I might just take one or two of these pictured items with me. hmmmm...

Happy Weekend!


  1. Mindy, praying that all will go well for you. Love the new pics you've posted. Real art!

  2. Mindy, I will remember you in prayer this evening that all goes well.

  3. Love the photos!!! I predict that the surgery will go fine and that you will heal quickly! I'll add a few extra prayers just to make sure! :)

  4. Don't you wonder sometimes why God gave us these parts & then gave us all these problems to go along with them -- plus we have to have the babies. God is definitely a man but he seems to be pretty good at listening to my prayers so I'll sure include you. Good luck & have a great weekend. Jan

  5. Good luck with the surgery, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. I have gone through that surgery before, had one the size of a grapefruit on my right ovary, no fun ....

  6. O, I will include you in my morning prayers. I had the same thing about 46 years ago (I'm REAL old) and it all came out just fine..just like your's will, I just know.'
    OK..I read your comment about the pearls over at Val's and got so tickled..I decided right then that if I SHOULD win them, I'm givin' 'em to you, girl !! :O)

  7. Hi Mindy~
    I will certainly keep you in my prayers too as I so appreciate the kind words you left for me and my father.
    I hope everything goes well with the surgery and you have a speedy recovery!!!
    As for your photos, they are too cool and they certainly struck my imagination!!! hmmm...I wonder what those are???
    Isn't that macro setting just the coolest?
    Again, sending prayers your way and enjoy your weekend!!!!
    everything vintage

  8. Mindy,
    We will be thinking of you on Monday. Please be sure to post info here so that we will all know you are A-OK. Have fun at W&T's tomorrow!

  9. You are always in my prayers, baby! Very cool close up photos! Love you!

  10. Dear Mindy, I'm trusting God for the outcome to be good. Take care of yourself and rest afterward. If you're like me that's hard to do. Let David wait on you and spoil you a little.
    When you're up to it I want to hear about what kind of camera you have. I'm starting to look. Love all your up close shots! I'll be praying for you, Debra

  11. Mindy, cool pictures! I will be praying for you and have a good weekend. Sandi

  12. Do what the doctors say afterwards!!! That means take it heavy junking!
    I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. Mindy
    You'll be in our prayers on Monday. Please be sure to post or have David post to let us all know how you are. Love the pics!

  14. A short note. It was a very humbling experience to ask for prayer. It was even more humbling to read your responses. Thank you so much, friend bloggers and stranger bloggers. Your support is overwhelming and so much felt and appreciated.

    Yes. I will have David leave a comment under this post, so check back here and see what he can tell ya. Hopefully, I'll be too drugged up under my warm blanket to say hi without being goofy silly. ha!

    Love to you. ~Mindy

  15. Hi Mindy, it was great to see you again yesterday and to meey David. I will be praying for you. Take it easy,you probably shouldn't be out shopping on thurs. you are going to need plenty of bed rest, if you want I will go to Jo's for you and see what all she has new!!! Kidding. Take good care of yourself, I hope to see you soon. Lynn

  16. Hey Mindy..... Will be thinking about you & asking God to be with you until I see your smiling face again... Be a good patient & demand LOTS of ice cream! Tell everyone that was what the Dr. ordered & see how many flavors you can get away with! LOL! Hey, a girl's got to do something while she's recouperating. Get lots of rest for your next meeting with Lynn... Haaa.. You two are such a hoot, can't wait till next time. :) Prayers & Good Wishes, Jo.

  17. Thought I'd give a little update. Someone ahead of Mindy had their surgery cancelled, so Mindy's surgery is happening earlier than originally scheduled. It's possibly happening right now, so prayers up! Thanks, everyone!

  18. Hi Mindy,
    I'm out here on the west coast praying that your procedure goes well. Hopefully you will take more great up close pictures soon. (Maybe from the bed or sofa?)
    P.S. I would so be doing that ice cream test! They have those little bitty Hagen Daz ones..

  19. I just got off the phone with Mindy. She is in the recovery room. Her mom is there with her. Everything went beautifully! She is on pain medication, but was able to talk in complete sentences. They're going to keep her there until the meds wear off enough for her to walk and then her mom will take her home to rest in her own bed. So happy to have good news to report! Praise God! Thank you all for your prayers!

  20. David, thanks for the update. Glad it is all going well and hopefully she will be up and about digging in the trash in no time!
    Thanks also for the advice about scanning and photos!

  21. We are sending prayers up as we speak!

    Linda & Dixie
    The Funky Junk Sisters

  22. Hi y'all! No, I am not overdoing it. I had to get up to use the facilities, and the computer just happened to be on route...ok not really, it was on my detour.

    Just a quick shout of thanks to you for your prayers, love and support. God rocks.

    Thanks to David for giving y'all the updates. I do feel fine. Not too goofy. Not in big pain. A lil sleepy.

    So, back to the bedrest.

    See ya later! ~Mindy

  23. well girlie... take good of yourself!! Hugs!!

  24. OK, here it is. Hope you are on the mend and feeling fine these days. And the results...goes without saying, all will be fine! My best.

  25. I've been neglectful in keeping up with blogs as well as my own blogging! Just reading your post tonight. Glad everything went okay. Take it easy so you'll be ready for Warrenton!!

  26. I'm glad surgery went well. I'm sorry I didn't know and couldn't be praying too.


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