Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am packing my bags

Head 'em up! Move 'em out!
Boston Vacation 005
This Thursday morning, family vacation commences and we are headed to Vegas, baby!

What happens in Vegas won't stay in Vegas. You'll want to see pictures, won't you? Of course, David will be snapping away. But, look out Pawn Stars! David gifted me with a brand spanking new Canon SX210. No, I won't be pawning it. I'll be taking pictures of everything Vegas! Maybe I'll get a picture with Chumlee and Rick at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.

If you know anything about me, you know that right this very moment, I'm a little panicked about my wardrobe. Shoes?! Oh, my. I took off work tomorrow just to go buy shoes. Well, that and get a haircut. And go to Target and look at hats. And finish laundry. And pack. And try on clothes. And repack. And jewelry? That will take hours to pick out. Yee haw! I love vacation!

Do tell. What do you like to do in Vegas?
We're all ears.

Happy Happy!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Rock the Boat

Since the next home for Primitiques has not been settled on, I am storing quite a bit of stock in the Bulldog trailer. There really is no need for me to be buying, right? For sure I don't need anything big. Right? Bulky stuff would just be in the way, wouldn't it? All that makes sense, but I just had to rock the boat.

Nah. I didn't buy a heifer. But, isn't that one cute?

I got myself a big old, steel boat with amazing green chippy paint. Check it out.
The Boat
Isn't it awesome? My first thought had been to put it on the island in my pond and pretend it was shipwrecked.
The challenge was loading it in a trailer that was shorter than the boat. David and I love a good challenge! I did mention it was a boat of steel, didn't I? No problem for my boyfriend, the man of steel.
The Boat loading Challenge
To clarify, this boat is big and heavy and bulky. Nothing that I needed to buy. But, I couldn't miss the boat! You would load it up, too. Wouldn't you? We are all in the same boat, right?

Because we think it is worthy, David and I named it. It might not make it to the island. Maybe it will end up in the new store location. Somehow. Would you reach in to grab a red.neck Chic pocketbook?
The SS Primitique
The SS Primitique.

Do you like it? What would you do with it? Of course, it's for sale!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

French Market

Don't want to mess with customs?
Do you even know where your passport is?
Wanna travel First Class?
Red Shed Antiques will be taking you to Paris this Saturday. 8a-3p.
No need to take your shoes off, because you aren't going to the airport!
Red Shed Cottage Chic - 317 Church St. - Grapevine, TX 76051 - 817-310-6006

Ooo La La!

What are you doing this weekend?
Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Garge Sale

I love me a good Garge Sale, don't you?
Garge Sale
Tell me about the entertaining signs you've seen...

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Party, Packing and a Pussy Cat

It was a 3-P weekend!

We started with the Dress Up Party, Saturday morning at Primitiques. Check out Robelyn's new hairdo and elegant vintage outfit.
I've gotta tell ya, there is nothing more heart warming than folks saying they came because others referred them. Donna from Denton came out after reading about our sale on Red Shed Antiques blog. Thanks, Valarie! A couple came after being given an invitation at the Debriz Show. Thanks Deb, Liz & Fran!

A big thanks to all the people who blogged about the party and to all the folks who came out Saturday. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed loading goodies into your cars. (less packing for us later) *smile*

My Mom and her friend, Bonnie donned some vintage aprons and necklaces. I think they enjoyed the Dress Up Day idea!
Mom and Bonnie
Rest assured, David took more pictures than I did. So, when he gets them uploaded, one of us will share them with you.
After the party ended, we (Robelyn, Mom, Bonnie, David and I) stripped off our vintage clothes and got busy packing boxes.

I donated to Robelyn. I donated to my Dad. By the time it was all said and done, I am donating an entire truck load to an auction. Well, I'm hoping the auction will turn into a profitable donation. *wink*

Sunday, we (my sister, David and I) spent the afternoon loading trailers.
David and trailer
David and Kelly - helpers
Whew! And this was the end result...
Cleared out
My playground of almost 3 years, empty.

Since the feed store and my store have not been of any interest to the health department, it has never mattered that there were store cats and dogs that called Jack's Town & Country "home". But, with the changes that are being made, Jeannie had to make more difficult choices. Jeannie loves animals as much as I do. So, this decision was the most difficult of all. One dog and 2 cats have to find new homes immediately.

Seventeen year old, Ms. Kitty has been with Jeannie since the beginning of time. She has been an indoor cat with outdoor privileges.
Miss Kitty on Stool
Ms. Kitty believed strongly that every fabric piece that I brought into Primitiques was hers. She was very partial to this doll.
Miss Kitty finds a Lap
But, she wasn't too sure about Santa Claus.
Miss Kitty stares down Santa Claus
This pillow was good for her.
Ms. Kitty
After almost 3 years of Ms. Kitty rubbing and loving and making eye contact with David, he couldn't stand it. He volunteered to be her new Daddy.
Miss Kitty in a box
We boxed her up and David took her home last night. This, my friends, is one lucky pussy cat! She is going to continue being spoiled & loved the rest of her live long days.

I know that there will be a very large empty space in Jack's with her gone. But, I also know that David and Ms. Kitty are going to be good for each other. They both have a lot of love to give. Thanks to Jeannie for letting David be the one.

And there you have it. Primitiques' last weekend in Jack's. It's been a fun ride. Now, for my next p...the pfuture. *giggle*

I do want to say thank you to all of you who left wonderful words of encouragement on my last post. I so much appreciate your love and support.

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where I Create

(I stole this picture from Robelyn)

There is a fun little party going on at My Desert Cottage hosted by Karen Valentine called Where Bloggers Create II. Are you aware? Well, I have heard quite a bit about it from my friend, Robelyn. She has been working on her creative space and her pictures and her posting, and well, she's been in a bit of a frenzy. And she is mighty proud to show you her la.bor.a.tory. Nah, I'm not an "official" participant, but I thought I'd share...

When I thought about where I create, I joked that I'd have to take a picture of my driveway and a garden hose. I usually go to my driveway to "create" clean stuff with my hose. And beyond creating clean stuff, I thought, I'm not very creative.

Truth is, my talents are just different. I create! I create vignettes. Living spaces. Looks.

I opened Primitiques in September of 2007, just a couple weeks before my first date with David. The location was a room inside of Jack's Town & Country in Poetry, Texas. The owner of the store and I shared the space, but she allowed me creative license with design and decorating. Here's a glimpse of the early days.
Roller Skates and Memories

Check out these fun, quilt covered frames.
Frame that Funky Stuff

I don't see much in this picture that's still around. This is a good thing!
The Red Doll

Are you noticing less color than the first picture? Uh huh. I discovered a like for less color.

Look! Fun, quilt covered frames!
Quilted Frames
Welcome to Primitiques

This picture was taken this past Christmas.
2009December02_Primitiques 029
Old Fan Case

And I took this picture this morning.

See? I can create. I've enjoyed my creative space at Jack's.

Why am I going down memory lane with you today? Well, because this weekend is my last weekend in Jack's Town & Country.

Jeannie and Jack opened Jack's Town & Country and Jumpin' Jacks, a grill and convenience store next door, years ago. Jack has since passed away, and Jeannie has fought to keep the dream alive. This week, a difficult decision was made. The Jack's complex is being downsized. The grill was closed and the convenience store is being combined with the feed store. Due to the downsizing, a need for Primitiques to find a new home has become necessary. I will be packing my bags and loading The Bulldog tomorrow after the Dress Up Party.

Without question. Jeannie and Jack's have been good to me. I've had a home to play and stretch and grow for almost three years.

While change isn't always welcome in my life, I am excited about the possibilities. Where will I create next? I am talking to someone now. When things are finalized and hands are shaken, I will tell you allll about my grand opening.

Remember those fun, quilt covered frames? They were with me the first day at Jack's and they will be with me the last day at Jack's. We'll have a drawing tomorrow to give them away. Hmmm... I wonder if anyone will put their name in the pot! *wink*
Fun Frames

I've still got David, too. But there will not be a drawing for him. You can't have him!


New Things. Exciting Things. Life is Grand and I am Happy!

Happy Weekend! ~Mindy

Thursday, June 17, 2010

People are Talkin'

Are you listening?

MALisa said this and this. (Styrofoam head looks interested)
Jenn said this. (He's listening hard)
Lezlee said this. (Curly top is intrigued)
Robelyn said this. (The angel is listening and smiling)
When MALisa, Jenn, Lezlee and Robelyn talk, you should listen and take heed. Everything pictured above is at least 25% off the lowest marked price.

Look! Janet from Sweet Talk just said this: "Oh yeah, and that cute guurrrl Mindy is having a dress-up day at Primitiques this Saturday! I can’t make it, but I would sure love it if you went and took a bunch a pictures so I can see everything I missed!"

Click here to see the most recent pictures of Primitiques. Come and get it!

Happy Thursday!

ps. Thanks, ladies for posting about my little party! Y'all will get extra cookies and maybe I'll spike your lemonade at the Dress Up Party. *wink*

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happiness Abounds

Are you starting to giggle?
Does the idea of playing Dress Up with me and Robelyn make you laugh out loud?

Or are the butterflies trapped inside?
Robelyn grins
We may have to have a change of costume, mid-party. There are way too many cute old clothes in our closets! The blue dress that I am wearing has been in my closet for so many years, I can't remember whose it was...Aunt Bert's? Grandmom's? A lady who died and I never knew? Hmmm Robelyn is sporting a wonderful bed jacket. Love it!

Here's our first costume change. This 70's dress is what inspired the Dress Up Party. I fell in love with it! And that party gown of Robelyn's? Check out those daisies on the collar line. Sweet!
2010May29-31_Memorial Day weekend 038
Here's a pleasant pheasant at Primitiques. He doesn't have a change of clothes.
This old school table has some very interesting graffiti on the under side. If you lay on your back under the table and look up, you can be entertained and/or insulted for hours.
Old School Table
Yes. Primitiques (<--- click there to see pictures from the beginning of time) is changing locations. Stay tuned for more information. We'll be packing up June 26. So, get here when you can!

My future, dare I say, is so bright, I gotta wear shades!
Starting this morning, every item of Primitiques merchandise is 25% off the lowest marked price. Now, if that doesn't make you giggle, I don't know what will!
Are you coming to the Dress Up Party?

Happy Wednesday!

ps. David has declined to dress up for our party. Not even an old polyester tie! But, he will be there looking handsome and taking our pictures. Reckon we ought to let him off the hook?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Relocation Sale Now in Progress!

You know the car dealership commercial where they are moving from one car lot to another? Imagine the man in the leisure suit screaming as he walks by a 1986 Ford Fairlane: "We'd rather sell them than move them!"

Tune in to this newsflash:

This coming weekend is Primitiques' last full weekend at it's current location in Poetry.
When you come for the Dress Up Party this Saturday, be prepared. Don't bring the smallest car in your garage. Bring a truck and a trailer. We'll help you load up.

We are slashing prices! We are wheeling and dealing! No financing necessary! No credit? Bad credit? No problem. Bring cash!
What do we have? Check out these super slick, only-been-driven-to-church-and-back-by-granny, goodies:

1900's model mirrors
brass port hole with mirror
3 sided Mirror
1950's model cedar hope chest
Hope Chest
20th century suitcases and furniture.

Buy some suitcases. Buy some stuff. We don't need no stinkin' boxes!
Pack those bags
Come and get it!
2010 May 25 - Primitiques 026
I'll meet you at 2am if I know you are coming! (I am totally not serious) But, private appointments will be available this Sunday, if you are interested.

Tomorrow, we'll discuss your outfit.
2010May29-31_Memorial Day weekend 012

Happy Tuesday! ~Mindy