Monday, September 27, 2010

Yee Haw!

Howdy! We are having some fun at Zapp Hall! Have you been? Are you coming? We'll be there selling through Saturday afternoon. Come on!
2010September16_stuff 001
Remember this close up? Here's the big picture:
2010September16_stuff 002
Yup. It's all gone. Well, except the dog. I decided he needs to be mine for a while!

See Here
Did you wonder what this was when I posted it last week? Check this out:
Giraffe Face
Isn't he magnificent?
The Giraffe

He stands about 5' tall. And yes. He's sold.

I love shopping, loading up and selling! It's fun!

Wanna see the pictures David has taken so far? Click here.

Oh! Do you remember this little contest that Robelyn of red.neck chic was having? She didn't think y'all would wear this hat and pocketbook together. I thought you would. And, it seems, based on the high numbers. I was right. Most of you are quite willing to wear them together! But, only one of you could win this little give away.

Are you ready to find out who won? Ok. Just a minute.

Malisa of Moonlight Hollow is our neighbor at Zapp Hall and she got to do the picking. Have you been by to see Malisa yet? Dadgum if her tent isn't the Belle of the Ball! Everyone is having too. much. fun. getting their pictures made at Pent Up Photos. Come on out and see for yourself!

Are you still here? Wanna know who won the fabulous bag and hat? Well, let me tell you.

The winner is....drum roll please....The Miss Cara Scarlett, herself!

Congrats to Cara for having the good taste to not only wear these pieces together, but to agree with me, of all people! he he (Cara, Robelyn will get back to you when she gets back from the pastures of Zapp Hall.)


First and last pictures are courtesy of my very fine boyfriend, David. Yee haw!

Hope to see you soon!
Happy Day!


  1. from ZITA: Mindy, that giraffe head is tdf fab! I can't believe it's that big?!! You sure look like you're having a great time in that fabulous booth of yours. Wish I was there...

    (from MINDY: I have no idea why my finger hits reject when it means to hit approve!? ugh.)

  2. Hi Mindy
    I already checked out Davids great photos of everyone having so much fun. It looks like you are having a great show - yee haw is right!

  3. Wish I could be there! I looked at David's photos and enjoyed them. Now, you girls behave yourselves....or not.

  4. Dang. it!!!!
    Seeing that first photo of you and the Rob just made my heart melt. Wish I was still there. It was just TOO SHORT of a visit!!!!! But as always, I'll take what I can get and wouldn't miss seeing ya'll for the world!!!!!
    It's okay...
    I'm giving you permission to have all the fun you want while I'm not there ;))))
    Love you girls...ya'll are just SO precious!!!!
    (& SO cute too!)

    David is a keeper. As an added bonus, his photos are amazing as always :)

  5. oh one more thing and I'll let you get back to selling...

    'How do you have time to facebook and post on your blog in the middle of a HOT field without internet????'

    You must be "The Mindini" (Houdini's great great great great grand daughter)

  6. I love that giraffe--what an awesome find and sell!

  7. Aw shucks. You gals are too cuuute!!!!! Wish I was there.
    Xoxo lulu

  8. Zita, you are missed!

    Sue and Pam, great to hear from you. Come see us!

    Jodie, you're a hoot and we miss you!

    Becky, the giraffe was a hit! Loved it!

    lulu, we miss you!

  9. This post was very good for my Flickr stats, honey! Thanks! Love you!

  10. Hello, Mindy! It was nice to see you again. Your tent looked GREAT!!


  11. Hi Mindy,

    Loved seeing your fab booth at Warrenton and meeting you. You have such a gift for visual merchandising! Hoping you have a great week!

    Second Hand Chicks

  12. hey, girl!
    i was all around zapp hall and the tents outside this past friday and saturday and couldn't find you to save my soul.
    trust me, i looked and looked!

    love your new blog header and small pic - very stylish.
    frank and i are coming out this friday and will see if i can find you then.

    i know you're having a blast and probably selling lots of CLOCKS.

    warmly, jan

  13. Hi! I only JUST found out I WON!!! I have been moving and have been MIA for a while--Thank you guys sooooo much!!! I am so excited, I can't tell you!



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