Wednesday, September 1, 2010

THIS is a Yard Sale

I stopped by this house yesterday for a visit and saw the plan. The tables were set up. A Yard Sale in the making. Anticipation.

Today when I went by, it looked a little different. And you know I had to shop!
2010September1_mndgsale 004
Not everything was out. In fact, as the sale goes on, more things are put out. These folks don't mess around. They have lots and lots to sell!
2010September1_mndgsale 012
Fishing poles and puzzles.
2010September1_mndgsale 009
Sewing notions.
2010September1_mndgsale 016
Yard tools.
2010September1_mndgsale 014
Lighters and shot glasses.
2010September1_mndgsale 006
While I don't think I need these, I sure do like them!
2010September1_mndgsale 007
Green boxes? Love 'em!
2010September1_mndgsale 003

Check it out. No clothes. Ahhh, they'll throw some out to appease the masses. But, there is plenty here to keep a shopper busy. In fact, I know good and well when I drop by later tonight, more stuff will be out. Heck, it was only about half done when I was there earlier!

My parents know how to throw a yard sale, I tell ya! Nope. No shopping online, no shipping. If you are local to the Dallas area, give me a holler and we'll discuss location, location, location. The sale runs Thursday morning through Saturday afternoon, depending on the weather.

Good stuff, huh? And you thought I didn't come by my love of salvaged stuff honestly?

Happy Wednesday!



  1. They sure have that stuff down!

  2. Oh, man, wish I was closer! Some of those things certainly look tempting! Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? :)


  3. I LOVE these photos!! In fact, I was in love with all those folding tables all lined up together...I know, I know...I am so simple-minded. But thanks for sharing...felt like shopping!


  4. This just made me laugh but also want to go so badly! Too bad I'm in Iowa!, I am a new follower. I found you through my sweetie Kate on FB so I just knew you were a blogger. Well you are too funny. I love the chair you scored but I think I'm loving the birds just a smidge more!


  5. David, it's an art form at this point, huh?

    MALisa, not at all!

    Elizabeth, hello pretty lady! Good to hear from you! Glad you like the photos. Mom and Dad were laughing as I snapped away.

    Megan, welcome! I'm glad you like the birds. I do too!


  6. Oh Mindy I sooo wish I could be there wow they really have some awesome stuff. Have a wonderful weekend.


  7. Hey! I REALLY hope that you grabbed all the green boxes... I'm just sayin'. IF perhaps you didn't... uh.... I know they don't ship and allow online shopping but do they have a lay-a-way program? :-D

    I see green boxes...
    Dang I wanna go so bad!!!

    ;-D robelyn

    p.s. you said Dallas area... I'm just laughing...

  8. What a sale this is! Sad but I don't get to TX until Saturday afternoon, boo,hoo!!! But I will be doing some junking while I'm there, Yeah!!! But it must fit in the suitcase this year! I think I own stock in UPS for all the shipping I've done back to Oregon. Budget, budget this year. I hope you sell lots!!!!

  9. Your parents look like they're selling good stuff. Wish I could stop by! No wonder you're so good in this business. It's in your blood. ;-)



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