Monday, September 13, 2010

More red.neck chic Magic

It's not enough that I have been exclusively toting red.neck chic pocketbooks for the last year.

Hog 014
These boho chic bags are my current possessions. I imagine I'll pick up another rnc pocketbook soon.
Have you seen the lu.cille? I am in love with this white and orange beauty. (photo stolen from rnc)
bed head hat
Then, I fell in love with red.neck chic hats. (photo stolen from the artist herself)
Now, the woman has me wearing her clothes! Well, not her hand-me-downs exactly. Her newest line of red.neck chic vintageware. Or is it vintagewear?
2010September13_rnc vintageware 002
Who doesn't love the lace and rosette?
2010September13_rnc vintageware 003

You do know that Robelyn, the executive director and creative artist of red.neck chic, will be sharing space with me again this year at Zapp Hall, right?

I'm not at all sure how much I will let you take with you, as I fear as soon as I see the inventory, I'll be snatching it up, whether it fits or not! (as my friend, Debbie says: Squirrel Alert!)

See how that top is a little loose? My mother was the photographer for the shoot. Here's the behind the scenes scoop:

Mom: You have something white between your bosoms.

Me: It's a rosette. Robelyn made it.

Mom: It's very large in the bosoms. You should stuff a sock in there. That's what we did when I was in school.

Me: I always thought it was kleenex. That's what they did on Happy Days.

Then , between the first photo and the second, Mom became my wardrobe lady and she tucked the back into my bra. Look back up there. Big difference, huh?

The moral of the story is, if you like it enough, you can make it work! Which is good. Cuz, Robelyn will have an assortment of sizes and styles available.

We will be opening our tent flaps next Friday, September 24. Come see us!

Happy Monday!



  1. I'm laughing so hard I can't see straight..

    I'll bring socks. AND kleenex.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Have I said that I love your Mom? LOLOLOLOLOL

    Oh good grief - this is going to be sew much fun...
    I'll just bring an empty trailer for you to load up with everything you want...

    ;-D I'll be back when I'm not rolling on the floor laughing... does anyone have a kleenex?

    Thank You! LOLOLOLOLOL

  2. Robelyn, if everything goes as planned, our now FULL 25' cargo trailer will become an EMPTY 25' cargo trailer to bring back anything Mindy might buy! And, of course, the red.neck chic vintageware/vintagewear will become vintageWHERE? because it will be all gone! Yeah, that's right! Shop early for the best selection, people! And bring your great big empty trailers!

    On a side note, my girlfriend is SO CUTE!

  3. Vintage Where! ha! Good one, honey! And thank you for the compliment, sweetheart!

    Robelyn, you just keep cranking out the goods. I can't wait to sell your line at Zapp and at The Primitique!

  4. Hey Mindy

    you look amazing in those slips, just darling!! We have one dealer that has just started selling those at Country Roads. Have a fantastic week.


  5. Hi Kate! Thank you! Yup. I'm going to be spoiled rotten with this local talent in my very own store. Love 'em! I hope you have a great week, too. ~Mindy

  6. Wow. Your mom did make a big difference in the fit. Maybe she'll take it in for you! I wish you both much success.


  7. You look darling!
    Have I met your mom? I think I need to!

  8. It's just not fair that you guys live all the way down in Texas and I live all the way up here in Minnesota!!!!!!!


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