Monday, September 20, 2010

Cow Pasture Treasures

2010September20_deer lease 034
Of course, there are cows in the cow pasture.
But, check out other things one might find on hundreds of acres in west Texas.
2010September20_deer lease 070
I know it goes on a tractor. But, I like it just the way it is.
2010September20_deer lease 071
This thing was just laying there, calling to me.
2010September20_deer lease 057
Yes. There are plenty of cactus plants out there. Aren't they pretty?
2010September20_deer lease 059
I had to get up close and personal with this old farm implement.
2010September20_deer lease 020
The stories this could tell.
2010September20_deer lease 063
Isn't he just the cutest thing?
2010September20_deer lease 072
1960 Texas license plate as found.
2010September20_deer lease 008
Would you look at that patina?
2010September20_deer lease 001
Two. Two. Two trucks in the cow pasture.
2010September20_deer lease 022
I am fairly certain they won't mind if I take a few things home with me each time I come to visit. What's your favorite cow pasture treasure?
Happy Monday!


  1. Great finds, Mindy. Be careful mother cows don't always like strangers around their calves. I found out this Summer one of my hens didn't want me near her chicks. What a lesson for me.........
    Have a nice week. sandi

  2. At our place we have a 19050's something Desoto in the field full of critters I try to avoid! Story goes the rancher killed the farm hand and his wife for their illicit affair. It is very close to my hunting area so I make sure I'm nice to the spirits!

    IMO, our best treausure is an old chimney from a 1920's house that is the only thing left standing. It is beautiful and holds not only my secrets but probably stories from those that came before Jeff and I!

    Not my treasures, but I enjoy seeing them = there is an old barn painted like the Texas flag on highway 377. On 183 there is a 1950's something truck painted like a US flag! I love treasures!

  3. True Texas Pics! I bet that ole truck has some stories to be told! Cathy aka GGJ

  4. Awesome stuff - and free for the picking too! :) The truck is the coolest thing - I'd love to put it in my garden!

    Nature AND junk...what a beautiful world!!

  5. Fun times! I'm glad I get to share my deer lease with you! The burgers were good too. That was a great idea using the applewood rub!


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