Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Handle This

Handle this
I love the handle. I love what it's attached to. I love that other rusty thing, too!

Happy Day!


  1. And by "that other rusty thing," she doesn't mean me this time. :-)

  2. Love the rust and shabby green! Cathy aka GGJ

  3. Fringegirl, I somehow hit reject...crazy. But, here is what you said:

    Just read David's comment. Funny.

  4. Rusty things are just great!

    Hope things have been going well for y'all.
    Have a great day!
    Tracy :)

  5. Hey your stuff! Somehow I signed on with my sons account...anyway this is Deidra with Girls Gone Junkin'. It always looks like you have soooo much fun collecting it all, just like Cathy and I do. We keep saying that we have to come see you in Athens. I promise we will get there soon! Amber Thomason is our hairdresser...she is great. Tell her the Girls Gone Junkin' sent you..her number is 972-955-6222. Have a great day!

  6. Oh, I love the handle. Looks like something I'd really like. I want to see the rest of the piece!

  7. LOL @ David!!!

    You can NEVER go wrong with rust... just sayin'.

    ;-D robelyn

  8. Is that handle connected to a cart? Is that your beverage cart for the show? I'm ready, girlfriend!


  9. David, honey. You are not rusty! Your knee creaks, but that's not rust.

    Tracy, good to hear from ya! I saw that g-baby bump on fb. Know you're excited!

    Deidra, thanks for the trip. I know right where she is! Sweet!

    Lanette, it's a wonderful piece. I can't decide if I want to sell it or keep it. I'm going to go for pricing it at a bazillion dollars and if it sells, oh well.

    MALisa, without question, the piece is not going to Zapp. It is heavier and bigger than anyone I know wants to deal with. Drinks in Poetry when you say so. k?


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