Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rescued Pronghorn Antelope

Blaspheme - Pronghorn Antelope
There he was, wired to the fence as an advertisement for a garage sale. Blaspheme, I tell you. I couldn't stop and rescue him, but one call to the man I love and that antelope was free! He's been hanging out on my dining room table since David brought him home. Isn't he beautiful?

Happy Thursday!


  1. i am sure the 'pronghorned antelope' would look at your use of the word 'rescued' differently .. but, yeah .. he is real nice .. i love mounts nad used to 'rescue' them myself until i got sugar and all she could do was bark at them .. so i had to stop it .. how's the shop coming along?


  2. Hi Troy! Great to hear from you! While I could not rescue it from a bullet or arrow, and it may have actually tasted really good, I believe I rescued him from humiliation. ha! As for the shop, it's coming slowly. The restaurant next door is coming up quicker, but it's all good. When it's time comes, The Primitique will be great! ~Mindy

  3. You did indeed rescue him from humiliation!
    I love how I never know what I'm gonna see here! :-)

  4. I love to keep you guessing Anne! ((hugs))

  5. you go girl! you and that excellent man of yours!

  6. I have a pronghorn hanging too! I love him. Lurch killed him back when he was a mean man! :) You will love decorating him for Christmas! No, that is not humiliating...just adornment!


  7. MALisa, I grew up putting a Santa hat on Bob the Buck at mom and dad's. But, in my more mature age, I've tried to give the poor animals death with dignity. I may have had nothing to do with their killing, but I can do something about how they are treated after they are stuffed. ahaha. So, I try to leave them au natural. I imagine I'll sell him at Warrenton if I find someone interested. ~Mindy

  8. I'm glad you rescued the Longhorn Mindy. It did seem just wrong to put it on a fence.

  9. Hey Mindy...thanks for stopping by the blog. All my black and white industrial is going with me to the Homestead Hico show in October...come out and see us. I did not think I was going to Round Top this time, but now I am. I will come by and see ya. Save some good stuff for me!

  10. You mean he's not gonna keep Chuck the Buck company?

  11. Ahhh!

    I just love your passion for " precious ole stuff"!

    Thank you for visiting and your posts always make me smile!

    Thanks dear sweet Mindy

  12. That's one nice speed goat, baby! Glad I was able to help you close the deal!


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