Monday, October 4, 2010


It was weird. The whole Zapp prep thing. Remember? I didn't shop much. The Bulldog trailer was already loaded for The Primitique store, which hadn't been built yet. I was in a bit of a prep funk, but there was nothing to do other than get there and make things happen.

With the help of Robelyn's red.neck Chic goodies and David's designing expertise, we put it all together and check out what we got:

front  table
rnc clutch
rnc represents
Harvest Table grouping
David Smiles
Thank you David for your hard work and tireless resetting!
Thank you Robelyn, for having the vision, and for sharing your mad skills and fashionista brains and braun with us!

A big thanks to all of you who came by! I enjoyed meeting new folks and rubbing elbows with old pals. Be sure to check in on David's flickr page. He'll be uploading more photos soon.

In the end, I have no idea what I was fretting. It was a great show and I was surrounded by great people. Might I add, I'm ready to go back already! (But, let me do a little shopping first.)

Happy Monday!


  1. Your space looked marvelous!
    Needless to say, see ya in the Spring! :-)

  2. love it, especially the first pic and always love the pocket books! Lezlee

  3. Looks great Mindy! LOVE the blue trunk! Glad you did well. Some day I am going to try it!

  4. Thanks for letting me hang at The P patch!

  5. Hi Mindy,

    Your booth was fantastic! So the way you put together unexpected items.

    Second Hand Chicks

  6. Love all your goodies.....looked like some great treasures! Some day, I am going to have to work a trip in around Canton! Happy Junkin...Cathy aka GGJ

  7. I do hope to upload more pictures soon. But my house looks like a bomb went off. Maybe tonight between loads of laundry and dishes, I can upload a few.

    Considering the unusual circumstances, I am declaring the show a huge success! Of course, just getting to spend time with you is reward enough!

  8. Hello Mindy~

    Waiting to meet you at the end of my week in Texas was soooooo worth it ... I do wish we would have had more time to visit! I think you and that Robelyn are the 2 quiet little bad girls ... just my type!! And David is just a dreamboat ... everyone was exactly as I expected ... thank you for welcoming us with open arms.

    Best of luck on your new shop ... I wish Texas was right around the corner ... you'd be seeing a lot of me!

    If you ever get up North ... look me up ; )



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