Thursday, September 2, 2010

How I spent my morning...

Today, I stopped by my parents'

and bought this amazing, wonderful, almost can't stand how cool it is,

Chair love
Earlier, I went to a sale and bought something green called Jack. See?
Green Jack
At this very moment, there are at least eleven (11) legs in the back of my truck. See 'em?
I am a big
of Garage Sales, aren't you?

Happy Thursday!

ps. A special shout out to my g-sale friends Rhonda and Ricky. I may be back, so keep digging!


  1. loved your post mindy! that stadium seat is so very cool...hmmm....will jack and the seat be making a debut soon?
    happy g-saling!

    judi ;)

  2. Jack be nimble, jack be quick...or Mindy will load you up in the back of her pickemup!

  3. I am VERY jealous Mindy, hmmm I am going to have to one up this post LOL. Great stuff I tell ya, putting us Cali garage sales to shame. Have a wonderful Labor day weekend.


  4. Ummm...hello! I just want to swear when I see your are so d*mn lucky girl!!! Mail that fan to North Dakota, would ya? I'm totally serious. JunkFest is in one week and it would be fun to have on our food table!

    Happy weekend!

  5. You know I am a FAN of yours! Yes, you are always giving me a LEG up! And I will give you are not scared of heavy stuff! Maybe that's why you like me! ;)


  6. Love that stadium seat!! And it would fit in my suitcase!!! I arrive tomorrow but bright and early Sunday morning we are headed to Canton. Only one day this year but that's better then none!!! Maybe next year The P will work into my plans!! have a great weekend! PS: I did go with the solid for the names on the pillowcase, thank for your vote!

  7. cool! but really, i'm stuck on "eleven" legs...maybe i need to get my calculator out...

  8. Looks like you got some great "junk". I've been on a junking fast. Too much stuff in my garage already. I'm so jealous :(

  9. Great stuff, Mindy. Lots of great legs there.


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