Thursday, December 17, 2009

Slumber Party at the Cat House

Not the kind of cat house you might be thinking. Cat Daddy and his blonde kitten, our very own Debbie, Miss Talking Trash , herself, live there. Debbie is hosting a slumber party in celebration of 100,000 hits on her blog since it's inception. That right there is a lot of lookers!

Has Debbie ever looked at you like this?
Or like this? She looks unhappy here, doesn't she?
Wanna know why she is cutting her eyes like this? She is unhappy. Why? You ask. Because YOU aren't there yet!

See how happy she gets when friends show up at her parties?
Make Debbie giggle. Stop by her blog, drink a hot Dr. Pepper and visit. No one will make fun of your footed jammies. I promise!
Happy Day to you, Miss Debbie. We love you! Now, is it my turn at Twister?

ps. If you use the "subscribe by email" option when you leave your first comment at Debbie's, you'll get updates as the party goes on. It's a fun way to keep up.

AND...all pictures are courtesy of photographer (and boyfriend) extraordinaire, David. Isn't he good?


  1. Hi Mindy ,,,

    I just went over and signed up as a follower on Miss Debbies blog ..when I get a chance ..I'll have to hop back on over and read more. Her blog Looks just as wonderful as yours !!!

    Just in case ...I did reply to your e-mail ..but if you have your spam settings on ..and haven't received it check the spam folder ..

    Merry Christmas ..Sara

  2. Great post ... you gals are lucky to have each other so close !! I'm headin' over to the PJ party!


  3. David captured some great expressions on Debbie's face! I'm bringing bourbon so I know we will be hanging out! :)

  4. He's so good... those are classic! LOL

    I hear tell you're bringin' some eggnog - and that Malisa, I'm gonna have to give her some of the nog so she'll let me stay outside and play... LOLOL

    ;-) See you at the party!!! I have to figure out how to get the duct tape out of my hair... it doesn't make a very good roller...


  5. Sara, Jill and MALisa, I hope y'all are having fun! Debbie knows how to throw a blog party. he he he ~Mindy

  6. Hi Mindy , I found my way over from Debbie's blog.
    She is such a hoot!
    I hope you and David have a very Merry Christmas
    a Blessed New Year!

  7. "But" you didn't say we wouldn't make fun of them if the snaps come undone on the back flap! I see y'all have been busy little darlings having fun without me! See if I go get y'all donuts and leave you unattended again!!!

  8. I showed up at the party a day too late! I knocked and knocked at Deb's house and no one answered... any chocolate chip cookies left?

  9. I'm on my some hot cocoa for me!

  10. Did the party start already??? Where the heck have I been? Well, I am on my way now....late as usual. I hope I didn't miss all the fun!

  11. I am there. Are you bringing the nog?? I have my flask ready!! I'll be the one in the footed pj's.


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