Thursday, December 3, 2009

How Convenient!

Most of you local yokels are fully aware that First Monday at Canton is in full swing at this very moment. But, are you aware that Primitiques is less than 45 minutes away from the flea? How convenient is that? It might even be on your way! So, here's what ya here to plot your route to Primitiques from wherever you are. Empty your junkmobile and head my way Saturday morning for the Christmas Open House. You'll wanna arrive any time between 10:00am and 3:00pm. After we load up your buys, head straight to Canton to see LaurieAnna. She's open until 6:00pm. Don't you just love her? Here's a map to help you get to her from Primitiques. How easy am I making this, I ask you?

I know. You want pictures of Primitiques, don't you? Ok. Here is Miss Kitty giving the eye to Santa Clause.
Here are some shots of Christmas cheer on a kick booty alabaster mirror.
2009December02_Primitiques 036
A glance of the crystals in the sky.
2009December02_Primitiques 052
I can help you pack these up!
2009December02_Primitiques 048
I, after all, want you to have a holly jolly Christmas!
2009December02_Primitiques 046
Feel free to pass the word along on your blog. I'd love to meet me some new peeps!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I know, just know, you revel in the Christmas nostalgia. Bet the show will be beautiful.

  2. You know me, a kitty picture will get me everytime. she's a cutie! Love those hanging crystals! Is that the piece you bought from Deb? It's truly awesome!

  3. Debra, the cyclone arbor is what I got from Deb. If it ever sells, I will be very sad. I have more fun playing with it! That cat is very sweet and loving! The look she gave Santa was cracking me up. ~Mindy

  4. I am sooo jealous! Canton ...sigh. Your pics are beautiful as always. Open house this weekend huh? I know you are excited .. I am!!!

  5. mindy, here's wishing you good luck with the open house this morning .. we hit canton yesterday, then drove over to judy hills - today is about getting packed for the flea market tomorrow - thank you for stopping by our blog ...

    troy & rod

  6. OK, OK, I'll come to your Christmas Open House. But I will NOT be wearing the elf outfit again this year!

  7. I'm SO there!!! And - I want that cat!!! Not kidding - if she goes missing don't tell nobody where you think she is...

    I'll blame it on the stinkin' Christmas Elf or sumtin'. LOLOLOL

    WHEW! I can't wait to see you and your sparklin' splendor! And I promise, I'll keep my dress on... and I'm only wearing jewels that I don't mind handin' over. Hmmmmm.........what should I tempt you with.........


  8. good stuff, and Kitty likes Santa.


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