Saturday, December 19, 2009

Granite on the Table

I like it so much, I can't stand it! Look at the hunk o' granite I picked up this week.
2009December19_Dining Room Table 004
Granite, fyi, is very heavy. It rests on the old cotton sack on my dining room table, and I am not at all sure if I'll ever move the granite again. Heavy. Right, David? No. I didn't iron the cotton sack. Just folded it over and it's being ironed by the granite, as we speak.
2009December19_Dining Room Table 008
I'm still working on the center piece area. It's good. But, I'm looking for the wow thing. I'll let you know when I find it.
2009December19_Dining Room Table 005
I hope you are having a great weekend and are able to enjoy the hustle and bustle going on all around in celebration of the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Happy Weekend!


  1. You're right! It's quite a hunk! Congratulations on your acquisition. I shall watch closely to see your "WOW" thing! In the meantime, keep Lord Jesus the OFFICIAL centerpiece, dearie....

  2. I love the cotton sack folded and soo glad you didn't have to waste time doing a chore like ironing! The granite is awesome, now you don't have to worry about candle drippings. I'm more of a natural gal, so I could see tree limbs, crystals, mercury glass or vintage silvery ornaments, well, I guess you need to leave room for the food. It is great, though. Oh yeah, I asked my sister about the crown on my blog and she thinks she picked it up at Hobby Lobby. Lezlee

  3. Mindy ..I love the granite piece down the center of your farm table ..Good Score Girl ..!!! Hey have you thought about putting a wreath down and then centering the candleabra in the center of it ..and then stacking blown glass ball ornaments inside the wreathe where the base of the candleabra is ..I think that would look really Beautiful ...

    I'm hoping for a good score on Monday ..a friend of mine is letting me in to an estate sale early ..yippee ...

    Merry Christmas ..Sara

  4. Killer piece...both on the eyes and the back...right David?
    I'm trying to get my ducks in a row, but with finishing up here at the house and trying to keep up with your crazy's been a stretch for sure. I might should have planned a p.j. party AFTER Christmas...what was I thinking? Thanks so much for playing along and being silly with me. It's no fun to be googy all by my lonesome! It really means a lot to me that you took the time during this busy time of the year to come out and play with me!

  5. That's tremendous. Wonder where it came from? Beautiful candalabra as well. How's David's back?


  6. Bet you had to eat your Wheaties to pick up and haul that beauty! Love it down the center of your dining table and it really sets off those cute little birdies!

  7. Oh, I really love that!!!! Very original!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

  8. Mindy that is awesome!! I love your granite piece. It looks heavy..poor David. But how fab is it on your table??? No pain no gain huh???

  9. Oh my gosh Mindy - that is GORGEOUS!!! And I think you're the smarter one... iron shmiron... I'm fairly certain granite was used prior to electricity. LOL

    Seriously, I love that!!!
    ;) Robelyn

  10. I am loving the granite!!!

    What an awesome runner. Beautiful as always!!!

  11. Don't you just love it when you find that "Perfect" piece. Many times if friends are with me, they ask where it will go. I usually answer that I don't know, but trust me, it will be GREAT! Good news for David is that it will go great on that table year round. Congratulations on the find and Merry Christmas if I don't blog before.

  12. Great piece Mindy.....super foundation for something big!! REALLY BIG!! ~LA

  13. I love your dining room. I think it looks great! Very simple, clean, and yet 100% unique. You find the coolest stuff.


  14. Niiiiiice!
    Knowing you, you've likely discovered that "wow" piece already....all's ya gotta do is shop your own house! ;-)


  15. Sorry about your fingers, baby. I thought you were holding onto the beveled edge of the granite when I flipped it over, not the edge that rested against the table. I lifted it off of your fingers as soon as I realized. Thank God the cotton sack was there to act as a cushion!

  16. Oh Mindy, I've been away for far too long! You've been having too much fun here and I've been missing out big time!
    I've missed Deb's slumber party (pout pout) but I see you've got some cool goodies the cotton sack (can you imagine having to carry that when it's full?) And I love your granite piece! Perfect for your long table. It might be heavy but totally worth it. Anything will look good on top of it, especially holiday goodies!!!
    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year girlie~
    everything vintage

  17. Mindy - I will say it: You can take it for granite. It looks great. I bought 2 granite top occasional tables resently. Put them in the shop with a much too high price. They didn't sell so I now have granite tables in my house. The first is in place and looks great. And yes granite is very heavy. Merry Christmas.


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