Monday, August 2, 2010


There was a lot to celebrate this weekend. Starting off with, well, The Weekend! Don't you love those two days?

We also celebrated Dad's birthday. Check out those candles and see if you can figure out how many years he is celebrating.

Additionally, we celebrated The Pioneer Woman. I am fully aware that most of you are familiar with The Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond. I, personally, am just now jumping on the PW band wagon. Raise your hand if you have never heard of her. There is no shame. I promise. We can celebrate our discovery together!

I'm a sucker for a good writer. And that, my dear friends, she is. She has been blogging for years. Where have I been? hmmm

As I shared her with other friends, they knowingly nodded their heads and began to tell me about Pioneer Woman Recipes. I know that not all of you will remember my trials in the kitchen; you can click HERE to read about the Cheese Crisp Fiasco. I am not a natural. Never have tried very hard. But, when I have, it hasn't always been a celebration.

For his birthday dinner Dad chose Brisket, au Gratin Potatoes, Pinto Beans (we call them red beans), Cornbread and Chocolate Trifle.

After reading The Pioneer Woman's recipes, I volunteered to make the brisket, potatoes and beans. Wasn't I brave?

I printed PW's recipes, went to the store with David (he scratched his head with me as we called Mom to ask what "heavy cream" was), and headed to the kitchen for some marinating. On Sunday, David was right by my side, wondering where this domestic goddess has been in the almost 3 years we've been dating. I must have been channeling Ree Drummond. It was easy!

Believe it or not, we were so busy celebrating this domestic blossoming that we forgot to pick up a camera during the process! Check out this Au Gratin potato dish after we'd dug in. Delish!
2010August1_Celebration 006

The brisket? Holy cow, it was amazing. Moist. Falling apart. And HA! I made it! Wow!

2010August1_Celebration 005

David and my family are happy Ree Drummond was born, and they are happy that I discovered her. We may never be the same after all this celebrating!

Do you cook Pioneer Woman recipes? What is your favorite?

Happy Monday! ~Mindy


  1. Yep, I know Ree, The Pioneer Woman. Good stuff! She has wonderful actions that you can use in Photoshop, too.

    Hmmm, it LOOKS like it says your dad is 743, but that can't be right!!! ;-)

    Happy Birthday, Mindy's dad! :-)

  2. To borrow a favorite word from my favorite person... the brisket was AMAZING!

  3. Daddy wouldn't be 66 would he? Happy birthday Mindy's dad!

  4. Anne, I've never used photoshop. But, if you and Ree do, maybe I should check it out! haha

    David, amazing is right. Yum!

    Debbie, 77. We didn't have two 7's and we had not properly prepared. Improve with 3+4 works, too! ~Mindy

  5. I love her cinnamon rolls and I love her Chili, but you already have a kick-butt chili recipe. At Christmas I made her fancy mac & cheese and it was divine. I also made her pork roast with some fresh cranberry sauce on top. It was quite good.

    My sister-in-law's favorite recipe is that brisket. Happy B-Day to your dad!!!

  6. What? What? An Oklahoma girl had to teach you how to cook brisket? Oh, my! However, glad your culinary prowess has taken over! Next thing we know, you will be writing a cooking blog! :)


  7. Yes, PW is great.. met her last year here in Dallas at a Book signing me and 500 other fans... seriously!!


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