Friday, August 20, 2010

Mystery Find

What is it 2?
It's heavy. Metal. Thick. Not flexible. No markings.
What is it?
I found it at an estate sale and when I inquired, the kids said "Dad had it hanging on the wall."

I'm clueless. Do you know or have any theories as to what its original purpose was?

And if you don't know what it was meant for, tell me. What would you do with it?

Happy Weekend!


  1. I think it's what's left after they cut out the parts they actually needed.

  2. Interesting, David. Dare I ask what the cut out parts are being used for? ~Mindy

  3. The "U" shapes look like buckles so I am guessing something associated with horses or livestock.

  4. I would sell it in an estate sale! ;)

  5. Not a clue what it was, but... well... uh... I think I'd hang it on the wall. It's pretty neat. I'm sure I'd have bought it if I'd found it, too.

  6. Ha! Y'all are fun! Update: I still don't know what it is. But, it is SOLD! ~Mindy

  7. I'm with Nank and David...western belt adornments! It wasn't silver under that white was it?

  8. Wow. Ok. I'm starting to see it! hmmm...Nope. It's not silver. Too heavy. If I had to guess, it's steel of some kind. But, it could have been used for patterns. ~Mindy

  9. It's a blank from some sort of stamping. The parts were stamped out of the metal piece, and that is what was left.

  10. well my first guess was a strange cheese grater....but after seeing the comments, pretty sure i'm not even close! haha!
    it's neat though, i would have definitely picked it up too!

    have a great weekend! =)

  11. I want it. I will thumb wrestle (and trade a purse)with the newest owner. LOLOLOL You know how COOL that would be to use as a stamp/stencil on my bags - then "emboss" those patterns on leather? I could have buckles without having buckles! AUGH!!!

    ;-D Have fun today!!!

  12. yup, they cut the parts out, and this was the leftovers I bet.

    My husband was in a metalworking shop once and saw huge versions of these that looked very lacy out of thick steel. They were the leftovers after the parts were cut..the guy said they were scrap, so Joe asked if he could buy them. The guy asked what he was going to do with them and Joe said he thought they'd make a great fence. The owner said, Nope, not for sale..and Joe drove by his home later and the owner now has a very cool fence! I told Joe next time be very don't know what you'll do with them! ;)

  13. Maybe it's like crop circles.
    Like, the aliens did it or sumpin...


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