Friday, August 13, 2010


You've seen the new banner with the new store name, but have you seen the shortened version of The Primitique? We decided that sometimes, we might just need a shorter version of ourselves. Short is good! (says the 5'0" lady)

See it on the right sidebar? If you click on it, you will go straight to...wait for it...the official website of The Primitique! Wow! And, might I mention, I am the webmaster. I designed it and mastered it and, umm, well, you know, webmastered it All By My Self! (Look for improvements after I give David the password.)

Wanna know what is inspiring me to design new logos and create a website for the new store?

2010August13_progress 004

Steel beams, baby! Yup! You are looking at the skeleton of the future home of The Primitique. (It is perfectly acceptable to throw your hat in the air upon seeing this progress. I did.)

As with all new builds, one never can hang their hat on a "ready" date until things are more, shall we say, "ready?" We want to open Labor Day weekend. It's possible that we'll open Labor Day weekend. Might I suggest that when you write it in your calendar, you use a pencil. When the ink date gets closer, I'll let you know. My heart beats fast for a big ole, fun grand opening!

In the meantime, I am going garage saling in the morning. I am so very inspired to shop! (cuz, I've had problems with that in the past)

Happy Weekend! ~Mindy


  1. Love the Logo, Mindy, really great graphic. I'm super excited for you, can't wait to see it all come together!

  2. LOL! Thank goodness you are inspired to shop! I love the look of your website! You've done a fabulous job, my love!

  3. Mindy
    It looks so amazing and I loove the website. Well done my friend. Have a wonderful weekend.


  4. Lookin Good! I shopped this morning, found a few treasures, but it was soooooo HOT!! Not sure about tomorrow morning! Happy Junkin...Cathy

  5. I clicked. I looked. I was impressed! Woo hoo, girlfriend, you are gettin' fancy! ;)

    Labor Day? Really? You are being very optimistic! However, I have white out and am very flexible! ;)


  6. Love your LOGO, now I am going to check out the website!

  7. You are a conglomerate now!!!
    Warrenton, Poetry, all over the web....look out, Martha! ;-)

  8. Cool logo! and I checked out the web site, too, great job! Lezlee

  9. Wow. Wow. Wow. You are going big time! Love the new name, logo, website, and location. I'm thrilled for you!!

  10. P is for pretty darn good! You're getting all fancy/schmancy...and making me look like a slug!
    Short is the NEW tall!!!

  11. That new logo is the Bomb!! And the shortened logo is really cool, that'll make great tags for the store!! Cangrats on the new space. Can't wait to see the finished product.


  12. Oh....... LOVE the website - you webmistress you!!! And I spy new beams going up... and I envision the condensed version of your logo sprinkled all over the place!!!

    Yay!!! ;-D
    Gonna be fun!!!

  13. Hi Mindy, Your new logo is great! Really stands out and it. I went to your website too, and you really did a good job on it. I know what you went through to get it done because I just published mine recently, and spent hours getting it to where it is. Still more to do, but one day at a time! Now I want to do some more graphics and all on it, but it takes me forever to read through how to, then make it work. Whew! Good luch on your opening date! Saying a prayer for you! blessings, carrell

  14. A word of thanks to everyone for your words. It's always nice to get positive feedback and to be uplifted in prayer. Life is good and I enjoy sharing it with y'all! ~Mindy

  15. Still seems a little airy for opening quite yet.


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