Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Love Love!

I haven't gotten mushy in awhile. Indulge me.

Nah, I wouldn't call the cat and the chicken sharing space "love" exactly, but it warms my heart to see Opie-the-cat and Opah-the-hen sharing space. Isn't that sweet? (ignore the leaves in the screen porch)
2010August12_Opie and Opah 001
This time next month, David and I will be celebrating 3 years of dating. Indeed, it is Our Turn at happiness in love! I sure do love the man and I am blessed beyond measure that he loves me back!
Speaking of love. My parents set one heck of an example of just how it all works. Mom and Dad celebrate 47 years of marriage this week. Forty seven. Wowsers!
2010August17_47th Anniversary 001
Ok. So, their celebration included a tiny little trip to the hospital. Thus, the pretty bracelets and the cool ride Mom is sitting in. Ignore all that. Hippa prevents me from talking about all that. But, would you look at the love? They have got it!

Three kids & 2 grandkids. Education & careers. Worshipping, leading and following. Singing, laughing and dancing. Cherishing the moments. Making memories. Holding what they could and letting go of what they couldn't. Indeed. 47 years later, they are still holding hands and fighting to sit next to each other at the dinner table.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Thank you for loving each other and leading by example. I've been watching you for 43 years. The lessons you continue to give are not going unnoticed by child #3.

2010August17_47th Anniversary 001
Don't you just love love???

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet! How fortunate you are to have parents who love each other and set such a wonderful example for you! And you still have then both...even better still! Congratulations to you and David as you reach the three year mark. Isn't it wonderful to be in love? Hope you have many, many more! Hope your mom is okay!


  2. This post just makes me feel good all over!

  3. How sweet! I heart love. There's nothing like it!!

  4. Your parents have happy faces as do you & David, & I'm thinking I see happiness on the cats & chickens faces. Happiness is definitely contagious. Congrats to all of you. And many more! Jan

  5. Love is grand! And so was the dinner your mom made tonight!

  6. mindy, your mama and papa are so beautiful. I wish them many, many more. It's refreshing to hear about people that remain committed no matter what. Hopefully your love for David will last forever too. You make a great looking couple and by your writings I can tell you have something very special going on. You are blessed. Marta.

  7. They must have been babies when they got married. 47 still holding hands...double wow!

  8. So very sweet! Congrats to your mom and dad. You definitely have a good example to follow. I hope your mom is ok...send our well-wishes. Congrats to you and David on your 3 years also. Hope you get 47 more!

  9. I love love... and your parents ROCK!!! Most of all... I love that they produced you and "the SISTER"... remind me to thank them for that next time I see 'em.


    And.... just so you know... duct tape works for bracelets... and it's kinda shiny and stuff...


  10. so sweet...happy anniversary to you and David and your parents, too.

  11. Ohhh this post brings tears to my eyes ~ Your mom and dad are so very precious ! Happy Anniversary to them !


  12. Hands down, the sweetest couple, Mindy!


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