Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mr. Scrap Man (Men)

He was driving a truck. I was driving a truck.
He wanted money for scrap. I had money for scrap.
He didn't mind one bit when I started hollering out my window at him.

I pointed and inquired.

He laughed and affirmed. "You really want that wheel barrow?"


It is heavy and has character out the wazoo. Who cares if the tire's not good?

Stop in the name of scrap! Yup. I bought that sign, too.
2010July29_acquisitions 002

My favorite goodie from the scrap man?

What made him scratch his head and raise his eyebrow?2010July29_acquisitions 003

Yup. It's an old, heavy pipe. Raise your hand if you love it!

I can bury part of it in the yard and throw a piece of glass on top to hold my mason jar during parties, huh?

You might recall, this isn't my first foray into driving wrecklessly to get a scrap man's attention. Remember this?

Ha! I had published this post and I'll be darned if I didn't just flag another scrap man down! I believe I will use this old swing frame to hang chandeliers at the store.

Happy Thursday! ~Mindy


  1. LOL!!!How fun!!!I am raising both hands. I could imagine how wonderful that piece is going to look. I am now going to keep my eyes open for a scrap man in my area;)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Girl after my own heart, STOP THAT TRUCK!!! Love it... Too funny!


  3. I am laughing so hard..... and I want the stop sign. LOLOLOLOL The swing frame ROCKS!!!

    ;-D good job - good job!!!

  4. Now, this would be an odd coincidence, but my husband saw some scrappers, this week at the gas station and he bought something off their truck, an old green, rusty typing table with a vice attached to it. He wanted the vice and knew I would want the table, anyway he told them to follow him to our house to take a long heavy pipe and a shorter heavy pipe, with a frill around the top, just like your picture, from our backyard. When they were taking it away, I wanted to yell,"No, I want the short one, with the frill around the top!" I never even noticed it, before, but I know my, or should I say husbands, limits. Anyway, when William gets home, I am dying to ask him, if this is our pipe. I barely glanced at the man, for looking at the pipe and my new table, but he will remember him and his truck. Funny! Lezlee

  5. Great post! I love the idea of buying scrap from the scrap man. Classic!

  6. Now that is funny and inspiring all the same!! I have never done that but by golly I think I will next time:)

    You crack me up!!


  7. LOL...I had to share this post with my youngest as he was just telling some friends of mine how I will be driving down the road...see someone with a truckload of treasures obviously headed for the landfill....and I will pull up next to them and ask them if I can have some of their junque! LOL
    Priceless :)

  8. Hey Mindy, gotta give you a hand. You shop everywhere. You are to buy anytime. Three big cheers for you. hugs, sandi

  9. Wonder how much of this we'll see at Warrenton?
    Great stuff!!!

  10. Love the scrap man. He always delivers!! Lucky girl you are!!

  11. Nicely done! I have a pipe like that sitting in my driveway. I've been too lazy to clean it up and bring it in to the shop but now you've inspired me. Thanks!

  12. You're a riot, Mindy, and one of a kind. Good hunting!

  13. LOL! Mindy, you made my morning! That was too cute, and the fact that your wheels were turning quick enough to know what you would do with it all! Fun post!

  14. hi, mindy! i'm sure you've completely forgotten who i am, you probably stopped following my blog and i wouldn't be surprised at either!!!
    i have not been on the radar in months and months, BUT i'm back again and wanted to visit you right off!
    ....every time i see one of, any of, my vintage clocks i think of the first "lot" that i acquired and it was from you. do you remember that?

    I plan on coming to warrenton and hope you'll be able to tell me where you'll be and when so that i can find you. i haven't been to warrenton in several years so i'll be "green" once again!

    Now, about you stopping the scrap man......why do people think that's odd??
    that pipe?? BRILLIANT!!

    warmly, jan

  15. Ha Ha Ha! I love it! I remember that other post the last time you did that! Every time Tommy and I are riding around and see a truck full of junk we think of you and say..."you know Mindy would be flagging 'em down"! LOL!

  16. I'm seriously concerned about the reputation you are going to get pulling men over to the side of the road (for fun) to exchange money!


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