Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How Do You Celebrate?

How do you celebrate special occasions?
My sister makes crazy, funny faces and I dance!

The year I turned 40, I hosted a party every single month. It was the celebration of the year that I turned 40. Most parties were themed. January was Brunch with a Hat. My mom wore a hat that I had worn as an Easter bonnet when I was a young girl.
all 049
Other themes included a scavenger hunt, survivor party, a class for exotic dancing. This is the year that I began hosting Chili Cookoffs and Pumpkinfests at my place.
all 257
Most of the parties were kid friendly. all 149
I was surrounded by friends and family every month, the entire year!all 270
What a blast!
I highly recommend this type of celebration, if you have it in you!

David is turning 50 in May of 2011. I guess you could say he is taking the tiger by the tail.
Vegas, Baby 036
He plans to celebrate his 50th year with a bang. As in the blast of a starter pistol. Go here to read about his plans to run a half marathon. Be sure to leave some warm, encouraging words. I assure you, I'd need them!

Now, do tell. What do you do to celebrate decade milestones?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. for my 40th i went to NYC for the first time! guess, in general, i like to travel to celebrate! i am currently pondering (big word!) my plans for my 50th next decisions yet! glad to know i'm in good company!

  2. At least it wasn't beer! Can you imagine how it would be if you got pulled over? LOL

    One time, my aunt was coming home from the grocery store on a particularly hot day without air conditioning and her bisquits exploded open. Now, that's hot!

    Sorry for your sticky mess.

    Happy hunting,

  3. Thanks, baby! Although, after this afternoon's run, I'm wondering if I should have even mentioned it! lol Holy cow! I'm a long way from my goal!

    I do wish I had been in the picture to celebrate that 40th year with you! But we have the rest of our lives to celebrate us! XO!

  4. Good Lord, that David is romantic!
    See David run....see Mindy run after David....
    run Mindy run!
    You are my kind of gal, what with all your partying...I could use you around here!

  5. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the photo of the (hopefully) asleep little boy with the empty sippie cup and the bottle of JD's!
    Actually any day that I can get out of bed without help is a cause for a celebration.

  6. I am afraid that my celebrations do not hold a candle to yours. I LOVE the idea of celebrating every month of the year for a milestone birthday. I need to hang out with you! :-)

  7. I'm just not a birthday-celebrating-kinda-gal, Mindy. Low-key is the word.

  8. Okay - first off... I have tears streaming down my face from laughing at the lil' kid photo!!! That's just CLASSIC!!!

    I'm on birthday strike - I'm 159 years old and holding...

    I'm going to go cheer on David... but first I'm going to laugh some more...

    ;-) robelyn

  9. Mindy ~
    Looks like you have it figured out ~ celebrating is the way to go! Those look like some very fun times! Blessings! ~ Katie

  10. I love the idea of celebrating all year long and it looks like you really know how to throw a party! My friends took me to on a trip to see Olivia Newton-John for me 40th. Since I am a huge fan, I LOVED IT! Have a great weekend.

  11. Mindy,

    You're much better at it than I will ever be or have ever been for that matter on celebrating my birthdays. How 'bout I just let you celebrate for the both of us? BTW, I love the pic of the little boy sleeping next to the bottle of Jack!


  12. Any time y'all want to celebrate, call me! I can throw you a big shebang, or we can just celebrate in a small setting. But, really. You MUST celebrate your very own birth! ~Mindy


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