Thursday, July 15, 2010


A big thanks to every single one of you who left comments this week!

I love that many of you were caught up in the Married Up post. No, David and I did not tie the knot. My friend, Tina, pegged it when she reminded everyone that I had a party every single month the year that I turned 40. Being that I have never had the privilege of being a bride, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be many a celebration when that day comes!

No fear. You will be briefed, over-briefed and perhaps need debriefing by the time we say "I do." Don't you imagine there will be an entire blog dedicated to nauseating everyone with details, rants & raves, and praises for wonderful vendors? My long time friend, Brenda of Brendal's Bakery & Cupcake Couture, has been planning my wedding cake for years. I have no idea what her latest thoughts are. But, this creation of hers is pretty!

Your supportive comments on The Primitique news is heart warming. As the walls come up and the building takes shape, we will have a better idea of the grand opening date. I will give you plenty of time to book your flight, rent a u-haul, and work some overtime for extra cash. Promise!
2010June22_Eagle 003
Speaking of supportive people, did you read what my very own mother said regarding the Married Up post? "Your mother just about had a heart attack. There is a great picture of you and David and the title Married Up. What is the world supposed to think? Mom " Still cracks me up!

In support of my very own parents, who will celebrate 47 years of marriage this year, I'd like to introduce you to their ebay auctions. I saw these ring boxes and thought you might like them.
Aren't they great?

They have several. Go check them out, would ya?

I am thinking about carrying a soy candle line at the new location. What is your favorite scent? Do you have a favorite brand/vendor?

Happy Thursday and thank you for your support!



  1. Oh!!! Happy HAPPY Anniversary to "the Mama" and "the Daddy"!!! I am all over that top ring box - not kidding!

    We can't discuss your nuptials... I'm still experiencing a slight shudder at the thought that all of my plans could potentially have been for nothing. An entire blog? Now THATTTTT could be fun! Let's do it!

    I can't WAIT for "the Primitique" to get UP and RUNNING! I mean, helllllloooooooooooo... it's ONLY my favorite place to shop!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  2. Can't wait to see the new building. My favorite scent as of now is lavender.

  3. Mindy,
    I am so happy that you've found yourself a new home for all that great creative energy you have!
    Yep,...that Married Up got me too...picture, Vegas, what's a girl to think grin..take care and keep us posted!(On the store he he)

  4. How exciting to be starting a new place! With your is going to be GREAT! I am anxious for the wedding blog to start. Will be fun to keep up with all the fun and stress of planning an amazing wedding...No pressure David.
    Have a great week.

  5. Congratulations on your new place! Can't wait to see pictures once it is all up and running. Simply fabulous:)


  6. Been on vacation and haven't read any blogs in a few weeks, but so glad you had such a great time in Nevada! Also, hope your new place works out fabulously for you!


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