Friday, July 9, 2010

Vegas, Baby!

We're back! We (me, David and 6 of his family members) left for Vegas early last Thursday and returned home late Tuesday. It was a fun-filled 4th of July holiday, for sure.

What I am going to tell you about Vegas is probably not typical. This was my first trip to Sin City, and it seems I am not one of those people drawn to the strip, shows or shopping. (Well, I like to shop. But, I don't have to fly 2.5 hours to shop. I have Dallas within minutes.)

We stayed at a wonderful resort in Henderson, MonteLago Village Resort, just 20 minutes east of the strip. I cannot stress to you how glorious this resort is! Quiet is the word. Our suite was on the top floor, overlooking the swimming pools, a portion of the shopping and restaurant village, the golf course and Lake Las Vegas. Behind the lake, the mountains show off in all their glory.

Vegas, Baby 011
In the mornings, I got up, grabbed a Dr. Pepper and bag of cheetos and sat on our balcony, basking in the quiet and beauty as I enjoyed my breakfast of champions.

One morning, we watched this lady at the pool slather herself up with sunscreen. She then commenced to cover her body with the towel, magazine, and book over her toes. We were cracking up.
Vegas, Baby 013
I enjoyed watching this stand-up paddle-boarder on the calm waters of the lake.Vegas, Baby 244
We rented a boat one day and learned that the entire lake is restricted to electric engines only. Ahhh. This explains the quiet. No boat engine noises!Vegas, Baby 129
David and I did hit the strip one day. We sat at an oxygen bar and never felt the slightest buzz. The minute we walked into any casino, I was grossed out by the smell of stale and not so stale cigarette smoke. We walked around in the malls, wondering what made them any different than the malls at home. Ok. The fake sky on the ceilings was cool. I liked that. We looked at most everything people told us to.

We sat in front of the Forum for a long time and played Stacy and Clinton from What Not To Wear. While we never stopped anyone to actually discuss their wardrobe, we did silently give a few compliments. And we silently reproached several people. Eeek!
Vegas, Baby 082
This fella was tuckered out from all the fun!Vegas, Baby 069
The highlight of the strip was the filet mignon at Olive's at Bellagio. Holy. Freaking. Cow. Amazing. When I say it melted in my mouth with each bite, I kid you not. It did. Wowsers! The fountains at Bellagio were also quite worthy. Another highlight? I got fitted at Victoria's Secret. I know I could do that at home, but I hadn't and I needed to. So, I now know my official VS size and am in possession of said size. Yea!

Another day, we took a bus tour to the Grand Canyon, then a helicopter tour, then a brief boat ride on the Colorado River. I must say, it was a nice day with the family. We enjoyed the photo ops and the magnitude of God's creations.Vegas, Baby 222
Click here to view a short video of our helicopter tour.Vegas, Baby 197
My guess is that other people's vacation pictures are not very exciting. But, if you are so inclined, you can click here to view all the pics I took.

As for me and Vegas, I will gladly go back and stay at this resort. If you go with me and point out something I may have missed, well, ok. I'll go. Without question, 6 days with my man and his family were 6 days I enjoyed, no matter where we were!
Vegas, Baby 248
Happy Weekend!


  1. I loved Sin City when I went! was kinda cool to be where so many shows/movies are shot and second...I thought it was beautiful! (Keep in was February in Syracuse, NY...anything is more beautiful than 3 ft of snow. :-/ ) We stayed at the Flamingo and were there (me and my sis) for a trade/gift show. Nice that it was just the 2 of us... I gotta say that my fav hotel was the Venetian...a painted masterpiece that darkened as tthe outside sky darlened for the day...just beautiful.
    Glad you had a good time! **Tami

  2. We just got back last night, too! You didn't mention the Old Man, Rick, Big Hoss, OR Chumlee! Didn't you go to the Gold and Silver Pawn? We did! None of them were there but Chumlee and he was crossing the parking lot to get in his truck. He took a couple pix with a couple fans then got in and left. I didn't really get a good look at him. It was a ZOO! Tour busses were dropping off loads of people and stretch limos were doing the same. Oh, well. It looks like you had lots of fun. Next time you come to AZ drop in and visit a spell.

  3. I've never really wanted to go~ not into the casinos either, but your pics make me think differently... Glad you had a good time! Lezlee

  4. Love the pics and it does look like ya'll had a fun time!! We have fun when we go, but it is a DIFFERENT CITY!! Cathy aka Girls gone Junkin

  5. well..... i kept reading very fast .... waiting for you to say ..... YOU GOT MARRIED??? No, Yes, No!! Hugs to you girlie!! Have a great week-end!

  6. Nancy, we did not make it to the pawn shop. Too much to do and not enough time!

    No wedding! We like to keep you guessing! he he he

  7. Gotta say the hubby and I went to Vegas back in '91 and it just wasn't for us, but DANG - that resort looks out-of-this-world! Holy crap!

    Your pictures are awesome. The last one of you and David is SO nice! Glad you had a great trip!

    Have a great weekend! Andrea

  8. Mindy, the photos are beautiful. I am glad you all had a good time. It is always nice to come home though.....Have a nice weekend. sandi

  9. I enjoyed your pictures...don't think they are boring at all! I even like the inside of the Grand Canyon from the helicopter. You guys are brave to get into a helicopter. I have this things with heights, although I'm ok in a plane.

    Sounds like you had a blast! The picture of the covered woman 'sunning' herself cracked me up. Glad you enjoyed your vacation!!!

  10. Well - even though I missed the heck out of you while you were gone - I'm glad you had fun!!! R&R at such a GORGEOUS (postcard - I say postcard!) location is a GOOD thing - and I don't think you can get enough of it... or time with your man!

    I need to go to VS - I think I will do that!

    Now - I'm off to peruse more pictures - I will go to Sin City via your photo album. My kind of travel plan. LOL

    :-) robelyn

  11. Mindy, I've been to Vegas, may I say AGES ago and it was OK when I was young but I haven't wanted to repeat it. However, your resort trip does look like fun and I would like that. My daughter stayed at the Bellagio on her honeymoon and loved it and their filet. Anyway, glad you are back and had a good vacation!

  12. Wonderful job on the photos and recap, baby! I really do think you have taken your photos to a higher level with the new camera! I had such a great time in Vegas with you!

  13. wow! sounds amazing! i can hear *relaxed* in your words!

    dp and cheetos for b'fast....i knew i liked you!

    glad you had an excellent time!

  14. Thanks for sharing Mindy. It is not my favorite place either, but we did what you did, wnet out and found our own fun. Glad you had such a good time.

  15. You sound like me when it comes to casinos! Yuk on the smoke! Somehow, gambling is almost like throwing money in the toilet and flushing! However, I was disappointed to see not one photo of Cirque Soleil! Glad you guys had such a good time! Love that last photo of you two!



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