Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Have you ever tried to catch the wind? It's a lot easier if you have a sail. Some girlfriends and I hit the high seas of Lake Ray Hubbard this weekend, sailing out of Bella Harbor in Rockwall.
2010July14_Tammys 028
Check out Sail with Scott.
We enjoyed about an hour and 45 minutes, sailing, sunning and visiting. I must admit, after crewing on a few sail boats in my day, it was nice to relax and watch others crew this beautiful, handmade 60' catamaran.
Catching the Wind
Cheers to Scott and his crew!
2010July14_Tammys 026
2010July14_Tammys 047
I'll be back!

Do you like to sail? Ever been?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I bet y'all had a boatload of fun didn't you?

  2. Debbie, you better believe it! No one knocked the wind out of our sails! ~Mindy

  3. That light house looks way bigger then when you drive by it on I 30. I get ideas of adventure every time I read your blog. Keep it up...I need to get out more.

  4. Patty, they allow you to bring beverages and food stuff on board. I highly recommend this adventure!

  5. Do they allow glass mason jars?

  6. Debbie, get this. They ask that you not bring glass glasses, but glass beer and wine bottles are ok. I think I could schmooze a mason jar OK out of them. We drank wine out of our complimentary plastic water bottles. But, when I take David, the mason jar is coming! haha ~Mindy

  7. Well, blow me down, matey! How fun! You and your friends do know how to have fun, don't you? Mason jars would be mandatory!


  8. Looks like fun! I do love that third picture! Very artistic, honey!

  9. MALisa, where two or more are gathered in my life, it's a party!

    David, I look forward to sharing the Seawolf with you! ~Mindy

  10. I wanna go!!! That looks like SOOOOOOOOO much fun!!!!!

    And - I won't rock the boat - I promise! hahahaha

    ;-D robelyn

  11. We love to sail. Pete's folks used to have a 26ft. sailboat and we'd sail in Regattas in Florida. So fun! Bet you all had a ball!!


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