Monday, March 22, 2010

Who Knew?

So, when Robelyn with Red.neck Chic told me she was inspired by Primitiques, I felt a little like Mona Lisa.
You know. I could grin. I could nod my head. I could be flattered. Hard to smile and giggle, not knowing the abilities of the artist. Thrilled, but in fear of just WHAT the artist would do with her inspiration. hmmmm...

Holy Cow. Yee Haw! Wait til you see! The woman has skillz and can make kick booty bags with my style in mind. Wow! The cat is out of the bag.
Jazz's Haircut - After
Robelyn with Red.neck Chic defines style in the handbags she produces in her laboratory. She puts touches in her handbags that define her as the one and only designer, creator, seamstress.

A couple weeks ago, we told you Robelyn was coming to Zapp Hall and showing her new Primitiques inspired line of purses. Ok. It was supposed to be a surprise to me, but I figured her out. She's not as sneaky as she'd like to think she is! She has created a "primitiques meets red.neck chic" line of bags that has my very own jaw dropping to the ground. A couple tubs of inspiration were dropped off in Poetry this weekend. Wanna see?
2010March22_RNC Primitiques Bags Photo Shoot 004
Uh huh. Good, huh? haaaa! Ok, here is a closer gander...
2010March22_RNC Primitiques Bags Photo Shoot 007
Denim, hair on, belt buckle. Seriously. Pinch me. Am I really awake? Love it!
2010March22_RNC Primitiques Bags Photo Shoot 006
It wasn't enough that she was inspired by Primitiques. The artist, seamstress, visionary, went and created a pattern called Thee Mindy. (side note: my mother calls me and my sister by The Mindy and The LucyJane...ha!...wild!) I can't decide if Robelyn is psychic or what. Who doesn't love that ruffle and bling? Hello?

And what can she do with a feedsack, that others aren't already doing? Well, she knows how to go red.neck on a feedsack. That's for sure. Check this out.
2010March22_RNC Primitiques Bags Photo Shoot 059
Do you see the drawer pull? Ha! Nice touch! Everything about Red.neck is recyled. No new, straight from Jo Ann's fabric for her. The girl has recycling down!
2010March22_RNC Primitiques Bags Photo Shoot 049
While the front is something to ooooo and ahhhh over, check out the back side of this primitiques meets red.neck chic bag...
2010March22_RNC Primitiques Bags Photo Shoot 064
Ha! Yup. A good time to say The End, huh?

The bags, Primitiques merchandise and Mindy and David will be at Zapp Hall setting up, starting this Thursday morning. The show starts Friday morning at 10:00 am. Be sure to stop by to get first dibs on the kick booty, detailed, inspired rnc bags. Here's her etsy store if you just can't wait.

I'm no Mona Lisa, but I am thrilled that Robelyn was inspired by little ole me and my store in Poetry, Texas!

Come discover red.neck chic. You'll be glad you did!
Robelyn at jRne
By the way, the red head will be on hand to discuss inspiration and hand bag details Saturday, March 27 through Wednesday, March 31. The bags will be available throughout the show, or until they are gone. You better hurry!

Happy Monday!


  1. These are wonderful, can't wait to see more of her creations. She's amazing. what fun to have them there at your space. Have a great time and sell out!

  2. That drawer pull touch is wayyyy clever.

  3. Her imagination knows no limits. The world is hers for the taking...or the tape ducting!

  4. Hadn't you better quit blogging and get on down the road to Warrenton? See you there. I may not roll in till Thursday... but I'll be there with a load and good prices!

  5. I can't wait to see you guys there!!!!!!

  6. Even I think these are cool. I don't think they're going to last long. At all. Folks had better come early for the best selection.

  7. okay... no more silhouette shots and i've gots to do somethin' with that hair! LOLOl oh wait... i could deny that is me. yep - that will work.

    whoo hoo!!! last night i wupped up a'notha with your name on it!!! this is going to be SEW much fun!!!

    ;-) thank you!!!

  8. I positively luv her bags! She is so talented! You BOTH are! I hope you come home with an empty trailer (or maybe just with the goodies YOU buy). Have Fun!

  9. I wish I could come to this shopping extravaganza! Robelyn is seriously talented. I LOVE her bags and wish I had just a smidgen of her creativity.


  10. I love her designs, thanks for posting!!

  11. Ain't it heart grabbing to have an entire line of RNC's laboratory leavin's named for you? Seems that Mr. Flannery needs to make a trip to Texas sometime soon.

  12. Hi Mindy
    It was soooo good to meet you and chat a little with you at the show. I had so much fun!
    I am reeling now that I am back home and trying to sort out all the inspiration I encountered. You are inspirational and my best to you.


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