Monday, March 8, 2010

red.neck Chic - Sneaky Designer

When Robelyn heard that David couldn't spend the whole entire time at the spring show working at Zapp Hall with me, she offered up her time and services. She said she just wanted to come and help me. Isn't she the sweet one? The word selfless comes to mind. Taking off work just to help me. I like this kind of friend!

Would you look at what I saw when I read her blog today? Not only did she and her man-friend come help David and I load the Bulldog yesterday, it seems she and her duct tape-friend snuck some pics in, as well! Sneaky, is what they are! I am so on to her! Would you look at this? The designer extraordinaire has gone and created a new line of handbags inspired by who??? HA! She says that I inspired this line and she is debuting the "primitiques" line of red.neck Chic bags in my space at Zapp, March 26 - April 3. HOW? I ask you, does she think she is going to sneak those things in without me noticing? Check out the barb wire and lace.
blog - barbed wire
Now I'm in a tizzy! Where does one display handbags? Maybe I could throw them all in here and let y'all dig?
container for RNC bags?
Or, maybe this could work?
2010March5_secret Stuff 008
Yeah, this could work.

Ok. Y'all don't tell her I know. As far as I know, *wink*, she is coming to help. I do believe her personal appearance will be Saturday, March 27 through Wednesday, March 31. But, the bags will be there the entire time...she doesn't know it, but I've already arranged for a shipment to come with me for the show opening! he he he

Happy Monday!


  1. Hi! I just popped in from Robelyn's Red.neck chic....lovin' everything I see...

    I really wish I could pop in to see y'all and buy to my hearts content...I'll be there in spirit as I browse through your photos and dream of what I'd buy.

    That tin bath tub is calling my name...seriously can you hear it? S A N D Y... yep it's definitely calling my name...


  2. Long time no see! But am looking forward to seeing you in Warrenton....are bringing that goregous tank? Hope so...maybe you have an old shopping cart with my name on it? By the time I got back to your booth last was gone. :( Take care and have a great show! xo...deb

  3. Mindy, what a wonderful friend you have there. Those cool bags will look great in your booth. p.s. great display ideas :)

  4. Mindy, I hope that you have a great show. sandi

  5. I can't WAIT to see the two of you in action!!!

  6. Woo hoo, looks like I have a hot date with two chicks and some handbags! ;-)


  7. I do believe her bags could stand alone...they are just that good!

  8. Can't wait to see what the two of you are cookin' up! I know it will be great!

  9. Sandy, thanks for stopping by! Sorry you can't make it to the show.

    Debi, the tank, a couple carts and enough to make you giddy on the inside. That's what I'm bringing! Come see me!

    Zita, I so wish you were coming! We loved your visits last fall!

    Sandi, Thank you! If I don't, it won't be because I didn't try!

    Angelique, it is gonna be one big Mason Jar Party! (between sales, of course! he he)

    Anne, it's gonna be fun!

    Debbie, Robelyn rocks. No doubt! coming? You know it's better live than in pictures!

  10. Ahhhhh Mindy, yer keepin' sum rough compny there GirlyQ!!! Ya better watch that RNC, she'll be a'stealin' yer heart away......

  11. I've never met Robelyn, but she sounds pretty special to me! What fun you all will have! Can't wait to see your goodies in Warrenton.

  12. Jaybird, spoken like a true mother! You have a pretty special girl child.

    Marcie, Happy Sales at the Dolly Johnson Show!



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