Monday, March 15, 2010

The Cow Pastures are Alive!

You know the song from the musical, The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music!? Well, the cow pastures in Round Top are alive with the sound of tents being erected! David and I took the packed, loaded to the top, it will be scary when the doors open, Bulldog trailer to Warrenton this weekend. It's always fun to check things out early, as it's like watching new life come to the little towns all over the area.

You want a picture, huh? Hmmm....I didn't take any of the tent cities coming up, nor am I sharing what's inside the trailer, but I did capture David smiling and being his very handsome self!
Got a smile!
Still learning the ins and outs of the shows? Here is a map.
And if you click HERE, you can see the dates that each show is open. Be aware, it's not quite right about Zapp Hall. Our show opens Friday, March 26. We'll be there! Will you?

Happy Monday!


  1. woohoo! i can't wait! ready or not.....

  2. Hope you go home with an empty wagon. Have a great show. Jan

  3. ooooooo oooooo ooooo I can't wait! I am sooooo excited! what a teaser you are! Man it worked!

  4. Will *I* be there?
    Hmmmmm, lemme think......



  5. We are coming to see you, girl! Woo Hoo!

  6. Girl...I actually started doing my happy dance when I read this post! I CAN NOT WAIT!!! Still dancing in my chair as I type this! Ha Ha Ha!

  7. I don't know if I'm gonna make it...

    I wanna see the trailer all loaded!!! WHOO HOO!!! I'm so excited I'm like Adrienne - I'm dancing around in my chair. LOL Greatest form of exercise I know!!!

    That David... to think he grins that big while he's working...

    ;-) robelyn

  8. Janet, I guess I'm more ready than not. (maybe)

    Jan, thank you!

    Red, come see me and maybe you could take home what you buy this show? ha!

    Anne, looking forward to seeing you!

    Malisa, there are plenty of strong folks to help you load. Go ahead and bring the trailer!

    Adrienne, Girl, you bring your camera and your smile and I'll bring the hugs! Looking forward to seeing you!

    Robelyn, one word. Depends.


  9. Hey Mindy...Sorry I have been MIA for a while and not made any comments on your wonderful blog. Having to travel a lot with work right now. The place we normally stay for Round Top closed, so trying to find somewhere else, but we will be there the last weekend even if we have to sleep in our cars! Have fun and we will see you then.

  10. Thank you for posting the map of Roundtop. I do the Atlanta and Charlotte shows but have yet to get out to your area. You have a very nice blog and I signed up as a follower. I will go ahead and put you on my sidebar as well.


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