Monday, May 11, 2009

A Working Weekend

Whew! I'm ready to go back to my "real" job so that I can rest! I got some buying in Saturday morning, then met David at Primitiques. He worked on a new flag pole for the Antiques Flag. It looks great!
And then, we striped the yard for the Community Yard Sale. We started out being incredibly anal about the measurements. By the end, we were laughing and free handing it. Whew! That was a project! Thanks for your help, David!
Awesome awning, huh? I'm ready for this sale (May 16)! We have lots of new stuff and the look of the store is really different.
Don't you love her? Thanks, everyone for sharing your traditions and plans for the day, celebrating Mother's Day. Food seemed to be a central theme. At my place, LucyJane (sis) grilled chicken and potatoes on the grill and we enjoyed a wonderful lunch with Mom and Dad.

Mom's project? She decided to help me prepare for the Community Yard Sale. My garage is a very, very, very scary place. We got a lot out of there. Things are priced and boxed and ready for the garage sale this Saturday. My garage is now just "very" scary. Much better! Thanks Mom and LucyJane!!! And Dad helped by tending a couple burn piles. Indeed, out here in the country, we can burn. Cool...

It was a great, productive weekend. Hope you got to enjoy your family and some good times.

Update: We will decide Wednesday whether the Community Yard Sale needs to be rescheduled, due to rain. If needed, we will set up May 23 (instead of May 16).

Happy Day!


  1. Oh how I wish I could be there. It just wasn't to be this time.
    Have a great sale.

  2. Mindy, love the photos of your shop, especially the photo with the statue, urn and metal background. Great look!

  3. I'm loving the new look of the store!! Love that awning, I have just like it :)

  4. I'm totally digging the white metal backdrop. Good luck with the sale. Here's hoping for great weather!

  5. Hi Mindy,
    I wish I could make the sale, I bet you have some great stuff!
    So lovin' the look of the store!

    xoxo trailer trash

  6. You guys did a marvelous job with the garage! I really hope the weather cooperates for THIS weekend. Keeping finger's crossed!

  7. Store looks great, I LOVE the awning!! Is that going in the yard sale???? Have a great week! Janna

  8. Glad you had a good, productive weekend!

    Hope it doesn't rain and you get to have your yard sale.


  9. Thanks, everyone! I am thrilled with the new look and new merchandise. The awning will not be in the garage sale, but it will be in the store for sale, waiting for a new home ($65)! By the way, there will be a Red Tag Special in the store. I need to make room for more new stuff!

    Pray for rain before and after Saturday. We can always use rain. But, let's hope it away for just that one day!

    Amy, you can always click on my "Primitiques pics" (under "photography and stuff" on my left side bar) and see more pictures! I'll try to snap more in the next few days.

    My work computer is down, and I feel so far behind on keeping up with y'all! Please be patient and know that I miss you! I'll do what I can to get back into your lives, as time and computer usage allows.



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