Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Not really ketchup. "Catch up" would be more like it. It looks like most of y'all had a good, long weekend. I'm still trying to catch up with lots of you. Heck, I am still trying to catch up with me!

Let's see. Saturday was a much sunnier day in Poetry and we had lots of folks come out and buy from the community yard sale and from Primitiques. Thanks, y'all!

Alisha of Presh-Presh and Misti of M2 (that is M squared for you non-math folks), came by and what fun these ladies are going to be in Warrenton! And of course, I forgot to take my camera. Ugh. I also got to meet a lurker, Candy. She said she does not have a blog, she just reads all of us. She and some girlfriends are professional junkers from the Dallas area. It was so nice to meet you, Candy.

Sunday after church, David and I headed to Athens to check out Winnie & Tulula's home. David got to play with his new Canon 50D camera. Here is your exclusive look at W&T's, as it was Sunday. Have I ever told you that I love old buildings? Check this out:

These front, display windows are divine.

And here is Gloria, the direct descendant of Winnie and Tulula...and the Queen Mother of this concept antique mall.
I dreamed of chippy green walls Sunday night. Aren't they marvelous?

Monday, David got to name it, regarding our activities. So, we enjoyed putting together a futon for his screened porch and then we caught some rays in his swimming pool. My legs are as white as a catfish belly. You know that is white, don't you? I need to work on the tan. We grilled steaks, enjoyed margaritas and I tested out the futon for a nice little nap. This screened porch rocks!

I hope to catch up with y'all soon.

Shoot, I almost forgot, Misti at M2 tagged me. Didn't I just do this? But, she wants to know 7 things about me. So, briefly:
1. I liked the flavor of play-doh when I was a kid. Nice and salty. I'd choose Fritos now days.
2. I wrecked every car I ever had. Well, until I paid for one with my own money. No wrecks since then! Sorry Mom and Dad!
3. Everyone thought I was a boy when I was a kid. I had short hair and I went fishing with my dad. Can you say tom boy?
4. I was in All State Choir in high school. Yup. I was a choir goon.
5. I played 13 seasons of soccer when I was a kid. Loved soccer!
6. I want to be a donor when I die. Actually, upon my last breath, take my parts and then rush me to the furnace. I do NOT want folks staring at me when I am dead.
7. I like almonds. Salted. Smoked. Almonds. Yum!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I love old buildings too and that one is marvelous! Can't wait to see your stuff displayed in it! Karen is on her way to Eureka Springs right now! Not fair! Lurch is recuperating slowly. Think we have the blood pressure under control but are now battling the heart rate. Always sumpin' but will get better!


  2. I am so glad that you trade in Play-doh for fritos!!!LOL

  3. I love the old building, just look at the display windows fabulous. Have a great week. Sandi

  4. How about salted, smoked play-doh? Mmmmm. Ick! Thank goodness for Fritos and almonds!


  5. It sounds like you had a fun week-end!

    It was fun reading those interesting fact about you Mindy. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ketchup is a vegetable, right? ;-)

    Very excited about Winnie and Tulula's. There's a few more pictures of Winnie and Tulula's in my Flickr set.

  7. That W and T space looks amazing, Mindy!

  8. That dunny, I think of grade school when ever I smell play-doh! I enjoyed the post! Dawn

  9. Great list! I didn't know a catfish's belly was white...you learn something new everyday.

    Ya, people staring at me after I'm dead - I don't think so. Talk about a bad hair day...



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