Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More pics and Stuff

Check out this wonderful plaster cat. She has the most wonderful character!
Amy asked for more pictures. So, here are a few more of Primitiques. On my left sidebar, you will see Photography and Stuff. Under that, you will find Primitiques Pics. You can always go there and see what's going on that I haven't shown you here.
David had fun stacking this old light fixture with a bunch of goodies. Looks pretty good, eh?
Here is the back side of that wonderful metal piece used as a backdrop against yesterday's goodies.
This stained glass leaning on the rusty grate is kinda fun in the white baby crib.

Have I told you the tick story? When David and I went to Eureka Springs, I discovered 2 ticks on me that I had picked up along the way. And then this past Saturday, I acquired a Poetry tick. Y'all. I do NOT like insects on my body. In particular, blood sucking, invasive insects! ICK!

We are still hoping for no rain on Saturday. The Community Yard Sale may be postponed; we are still waiting on Wednesday's forecast for Saturday. Regardless, there will be red tag specials at Primitiques this weekend. We need more room for all of these new goodies we've been getting!

As for the blog party. I am not getting a lot of feedback on whether folks are coming to my house after the sale. Let's go ahead and cancel that aspect of things. If that breaks your heart, let me know and I'll rethink it. But, unless I get some inspiration, my house is not going to be in visitor shape!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Mindy, I am giving you fair warning...expect Cher and Mal to be all over the tick story like, well, a tick on a dog! Me, it's too easy and I know you embarrass easy. Oh man, foreign bodies...you really are killing me!
    I really do like that backdrop thingy.

  2. Oh and don't you change a word...I can't wait to read their comments!

  3. Oh Man! You are so right! I changed it. Oopps! Just saw that you said not to change it. But, I just can't leave it! Eeek! Good call, Debbie. I owe you a jello shot! ~Mindy

  4. Believe me, you are not safe...be afraid, be very afraid. I guarantee you it will make for some good reading!

  5. What did I miss????? Dang you, Trash Talk! Mindy, did you mother never tell you that if you lie down with David, you get up with ticks...or something like that! David, get this girl a flea and tick collar!

    Mindy, I was waiting til the last minute to make a decision about coming to Poetry. Lurch's blood pressure has been high this week and they won't even let him do his cardiac rehab. It is probably a good thing that you canceled so it keeps me from worrying over making a decision! But I do want to come see you one day soon...just gotta get Lurch feeling better!

    Mindy, do you embarrass easily? I din't know that, but you know I can't help myself. I tried to be kinda nice in this comment, but I am thinking...


  6. Tn'T, I think I cleaned it up enough for casual, clean conversation. (I hope!)

    Malisa, you have an open invitation to ice cream at my house any time you and Lurch can make it. I'll pray for some improvement in his blood pressure.

    Truth by known, the moment I discovered each and every tick, I was screaming in a panic, "David! Come get it off me!" He's a very good tick getter-offer.


  7. Hi Mindy , I grew up in Minnesota / Wisconsin where there are ticks. You always had to do a tick check before going to bed. I remember finding them as big as a grape on our long haired. collie. ( shudder !) Thankfully we don't have them in Oregon. I would come to the blogger party in a heartbeat if I were closer. Sue

  8. I will take ticks over chiggers any day. I really, really hate chiggers. At least you can see a tick and take it off. By the time you are aware of chiggers, the damage is already done.

  9. OOOOOOh I cannot stand ticks, just grosses me out thinking about it!

    I hope your sale doesn't get rained out, but if it does, you are more than welcome to come and hang out with us in Carmine ;).

  10. Mindy, Dawn dish soap works real well to kill those ticks on my dogs and horses. Try it on your animals if they get them. Sandi

  11. Hi sweetie!

    Wish I could be there, but alas....got family stuff going on. Grandbaby girl gets baptized this weekend, etc...

    Growing up in the piney woods of Louisiana...every day I had to have a "tick check" before entering the house! :) Boy does this tick conversation bring back memories!


  12. Madelyn our 7 year old girl child got her first tick after camp last year. She came home and went to Grandma and Grandpas, called us really upset and said "her brains were coming out". She had no idea it was a tick, because it was on top of her head. Needless to say we removed the tick, but not after a huge laugh.

  13. Gorgeous stained glass. The ticks...um...not so nice. And another sale? Geesh. Wish you were in my neighbourhood.

  14. Love the light fixture stack! David did a great job! Going to check the pics...


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