Monday, May 18, 2009

Celebration and Announcement - Post 200

I would like to thank everyone who submitted their magazine recommendations. I don't have time, money nor the inclination to buy every magazine out there and determine what is best for me. So, y'alls suggestions and reviews were the sole source in my decision making today. Thank you!

Romantic Country and Romantic Homes seem to be quite popular. I might very well pick them up and check them out. Heck, I might have to pick up all of these just to peruse, at least once.

I really like that some "lurkers" came out of the woodwork with recommendations. Where have y'all been? I look forward to spending some time checking out the new folks' blogs.

Here is what was said about the magazine I chose:

"...Southern charm and sophistication, bling and gilt, with rustic and primitive thrown in. Always beautiful photos."

I like what she had to say. Her summation hits on where my interests lie these days.

Sooo, based solely on Joan from Anything Goes Here's recommendation, I will be subscribing to Veranda. Now, y'all go look at her blog, would ya? She is one of the lurkers I referred to earlier. I have never seen her blog before today, and I love it! Well written. Great photography. I like her!

Joan, email me your full name/address info and I will send you a 1 year subscription, as promised!

Post 200. Wow! Wanna hear how I am celebrating?

Big News!

Have you heard about Winnie and Tulula's in Athens? This is not your Mother's Antique Mall. The dealers here DON'T colour between the lines. Big names are going to be in this joint selling their goods. I could name them, but you may as well just click on over and read all about them. It's like Who's Who Among Kick Booty Dealers. To quote the last post on their blog, there will be "fabulous dealers, designers and stylists taking up residence here." I know you are booking your flights and clearing your calendars for Saturday, June 13. That is the day of the Grand Opening.

You know I will be there. Who would miss this? But, guess what. Not only will I be there. I will be there selling. Set up. In my very own space. Selling! Me! Yup! I will be one of those dealers in Winnie and Tulula's! I have never coloured between the lines. And I absolutely love the idea of being surrounded by such wonderful peeps. Exciting stuff, eh?
Who's coming?

Happy Monday and Happy 200th post to me!



  1. All I can say is CONGRATS!! Looking forward to it!!

  2. Happy 200th post is right! You go girlfriend Ü!

  3. I so will not pout to have NOT seen Early American Life on your post. I swear, not even a little bit.

    And I'm wondering if you ever stay home on weekends?

  4. Theresa, I am so excited!

    Thanks, Becky!

    Erin, I knew coming from you, that it had to be a great recommendation. But, it sounded too historical. Like I was going to have to study or something. Ick. I might just have to look it up anyway. I don't want you to pout.


  5. OH! And Erin, I initially said no to the idea of Winnie and Tulula's due to time issues. But, then I remembered that I am in control of my calendar, and I can say no to other, less profitable things! This sounded like more fun than a sane person should pass up! ~Mindy

  6. Congrats on the 200th post. I am still way behind on the number.

  7. Weeeee! We are going to have so much fun and work so darn hard! Can't wait!!!

  8. Congrats, Mindy, on you 200th!!!! Can;t wait to see what you'll be doing!!

  9. Congrats on 200, Mindy! And your new venture at W and L sounds amazing!

  10. Hi Mindy , Congratulations on 200 posts! Someday I'll make it to 100. I can't wait to see your space at the new mall, you are in some fine company. Please post lots and lots of photos for those of us Far , far away. Hugs , Sue

  11. So excited to hear that you are going to be joining us at Winnie & Tulula's! I was by there a day ago and it's coming along great! I can hardly wait.... Maggie


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