Monday, February 21, 2011

Window Fun at The P

Have you heard that we are hosting Tailgates & Trunks at The Primitique this Saturday? Robelyn of redneck chic is bringing her goods for a Tailgate Party and Girls Gone Junkin' are geared up for a Trunk Show. Can you say shopping extravaganza at The P?

Whether we have a lot of fun HINGES on you!

Hinges & Frames
(Hinges. In the window. Get it?)

Our HEARTS go pitter patter thinking about all of you coming out for this shindig!
(Hearts. In the window. Get it?)

Things will be hot at The P Saturday from 10-5. Don't let the ICICLES fool you!
(Icicles. In the window. They are made of glass, but aren't they cool?)

We hope to see you there!
Tailgates & Trunks
Happy Day!


  1. Mindy, sounds good! What is the building next door? judy

  2. Judy, that is Richard's Smokehouse. They are aiming for an April 1 opening. Yum!

  3. "Whether we have fun HINGES on you!" Ha,ha! Very clever! Hope you guys have standing room only for your big trunk show!


  4. We are "Gearing Up" Mindy......See ya Saturday!
    Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin!

  5. Especially love the icicles, although you girls don't need them to be cool!

  6. Love all the "window bling". Wish I could come!

  7. I'm SEW THERE!!! Oh wait... you knew that. LOLOLOL

    I'm excited! My excitement all hinges on spending time with you - 'cause I just LOVE to hang out with you... and I won't be no icicle with the junkin' guru girls...
    'cause I get to shop them! And harass them! And duct tape them! YES!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  8. I love those metal frames...rusty corrugated sheet metal I think it looks like. Awesome! Did you make those?

  9. Enjoyed meeting you ladies today. Love your store and love the candle!


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