Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Re-finds: things that you buy, offload, forget about and one day "re-find" in your driveway. Yes. I made that up. But, you follow, right?

Today, I re-found (past tense of re-find) this fun panel. It has some imperfections, but what is perfect is so worth re-finding!
And this isn't a re-find, but it's funny. Opah, the hen discovered my office today and let herself in. Isn't she a funny clucker?
House Chicken
OH! This re-find would make any redneck happy. A RC Cola Cooler. Or Beer Cooler. Moonpie cooler. Yes, it has a drain hole. Love it!
Beer Chest
Check out this little metal desk that I re-found. I was so excited, I forgot to turn it around and take a pic of the front. Oops!
Small desk
These re-finds are cool. A bed and a wagon. Yum.
Bed & Wagon
Sometimes Christmas is in my very own driveway.

Have you discovered any re-finds lately?

Happy Day!


  1. Those ARE great re-finds! I'd like to re-find some of my things too, but I'm afraid I'd have to pay for them!!
    Lovely necklace in the previous post....and it looks fabulous on you!

  2. I don't re-find things that cool - mostly just Christmas gifts that I hid and then re-find after the fact!

  3. Opah is a smart chick! I love your re-finds (along with the terms "re-find" and "re-found"!)

  4. I find stuff like that all the time in our warehouse that gets buried! It's fun when something resurfaces and it makes you happy to think there is something new to take to the next show! Yeah!

  5. Mindy - we have been re-finding lots of things too. It's amazing how much you just stash. Working hard toward Warrenton in this beautiful weather lately. See ya soon. Susan

  6. Love your refinds....if I could get through the pile of junk my the garage...I know there is alot of refinds in there! Janna

  7. LOL! Love that your hen let herself in for a visit!


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