Monday, February 7, 2011

Tailgates & Trunks

What, I ask you, is better than a pajama party with your favorite girlfriends?
New Year's eggnog
I know! I know! Shopping with your favorite girlfriends! (in this case, I'll be selling with my favorite girlfriends!)

Wanna know who is going to come play with us at The P? I am giddy! I can't believe I get to play a whole. entire. day. with these ladies.

Click HERE.

Did you do it? Did you click? Holy Cow! Get back up there and click, already! They might have a little something like this for sale at the Trunk Show at The P! And do you know who else? Better than a pajama party, I'm telling you!

Click HERE.

Get back up there and click! Maybe she'll bring something like these to sell at The Tailgate Party at The P! It's true. The ladies from Girls Gone Junkin' and our very own Robelyn of redneck chic will be helping me host a Tailgates & Trunks Party at The P!

Saturday, February 26. Yes! You are invited! Come shop with us!

Happy Monday!



  1. Whoo wee! Maybe I can come then! Lezlee

  2. What a cute photo of your sister! Looks like you girls had fun! Sounds like your tailgate party is gonna be kick butt!


  3. Looking thru some of your blog posts (I really haven't been looking or posting in soooo long), it looks like you've been busy and things are going great! Have a great week. Oh yeh, love your sister's pjs. Great pic!

  4. i'll be there!!! oh wait... you knew that...

    ;-D i want your sister's jammies!


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