Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm a Goober

Last week, I was perusing my facebook wall when I saw this amazing, totally WOW necklace for sale at Graceful Bandera. Oh my.
Talk about impulse buying. I did it. I bought it.

It came in the mail today and as I was driving (I mean at the stop lights), I began snapping pics. I wanted you to see! Of course, I missed the bottom of the necklace in this pic. So, I'm not real good at this.
2011February8_necklace 006
Ah. Better.
Love it!
Love it?
Leather and Pearls
Can you imagine what the people on the highway (I mean at the red light) are thinking?
They are thinking I am a big goober!

Graceful Bandera in Bandera, Texas. They are on facebook. and when you get yours, tell 'em I sent ya. But, don't tell 'em I'm a goober. K?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. It's fun being a Goober. I've been there myself. It puts a little zing in your life. Great necklace!
    aka Junk Palace

  2. I'm a goober...he's a goober...she's a goober...we're a goober...wouldn't you like to be a goober too?


  3. mindy,
    you're a really cute, fun, junking fashionista goober to boot! and the necklace is cool too.

  4. Okay,,,,not so much a goober if you were not eating "Goobers" lol...love the necklace, very interesting with the leather. Tiff

  5. Love it! Sometimes it's the "impulse" stuff that makes life the most fun, isn't it?

    Enjoy! It looks great on you.

  6. I WANT that necklace!!!

    ;-D goober.

  7. I love goobers.

    seems it's a good thing!

    love your necklace, too.
    and, bandera is about 20 miles from our ranch.
    i should go check out the brick and mortar.

  8. Ha! they were thinking hey yeah I got time to snap a pic and send a text cause she is...cute necklace..and at least you weren't tripping into a mall pool while walking and texting ;)

  9. Koolio necklace, I like it. I've been to Bandera, Texas. I love your new tailgate tag.

  10. That necklace looks fantastic on you, Mindy!


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