Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pickin' and Grinnin'

When a friend called and invited me to come pick through the storage shed of a house he had bought, I did a happy dance. You know that feeling, don't ya? Then he warned me that the shed was filled with a bunch of old stuff, like geriatric walkers and potty chairs. huh.
Indeed, I had to shove some walkers outta the way, but would you check out this shag-a-licious chair? (do you see the cots? Love 'em!)
Green & Groovy!
How bout this green groove-a-licous fixture? (See the orange fabric? I think my favorite redneck is going to snag all of that.)
Man patterns
Speaking of Robelyn, fashionista extraordinaire, do any fellas out there need a custom made leisure suit? I bet Robelyn could put a red.neck chic twist on those fine jackets!

I have a confession to make:
Shag Chair
There was more than one Shag Chair. I really, really love this crazy look!
Next time someone warns you about walkers and potty chairs, don't get scared. You might come home with a truckload like I did! (Picture me with a toothy grin about right now. he he he)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. That sounds like it was so much fun. I love when we go to estate sales and we are able to search the attics and basements and barns. One never knows what kind of hidden treasure is there calling our name:) The best fun ever!
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. As I have always said "leave No stone unturned. Good for you woo hoo. Have a great week


  3. Hi Mindy,

    I am loving the spider web strewn suitcase! When I opened my shop I had to get over my arachnaphobia pronto! TeeHee.

    Great finds!

    Second Hand Chicks

  4. Don't be ragging on the leisure suit! My daddy thought he was the in his...back in the day!

  5. The shag chairs are crazy!!! Never seen anything like them. What a find!

  6. wow!!! What a "haul"!!!! Looks like some fun stuff!!! I LOVE to go through old sheds, barns or whatever else that might be hiding some good ole treasures!! Cathy aka GGJ

  7. We don't make a party out of lovin'
    We like holdin' hands and pitchin' woo
    We don't let our chairs grow long and shaggy,
    Like the hippies out in San Francisco do.

    In Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA!

    Sorry... I was pickin' and grinnin'.

  8. Okay - David has me rolling around on the shag carpet laughing...


    DANG! Those chairs ROCK!!! You know - I've thought about making a shag carpet pocket book a few times... hmmmm.....
    I have a chainsaw. AND! I'll line 'em in orange! LOLOL Thank You THANK YOU!!! I can't wait to be runnin' that thru the ol' machine!!!

    Leisure suits.... yeah baby - I think The P needs a large selection...
    man-tiques. HAHAHAHA!!!

    ;-D robelyn


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