Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jubilance and Giddiness

2010August13_progress 004
Perhaps you have seen this picture of The Primitique's new home at Eagle Hardware Farm & Ranch in Royse City, Texas.
Welcome!  Front door
And then, this happened on that concrete pad.
I'll be darned if it's not starting to shape up. But, wait. There's more!
Workin' it!
A real live roof. My heart is starting to go pitter patter. The Primitique is going to be inside this place! Nah. I'm not taking all 1500 sq feet just yet.
Seriously. Look. Windows! I'm told we'll have front doors tomorrow. Everyone told me it would fly up once they got started. Indeed! Every day is like Christmas at 4757 Highway 276 West
Royse City, TX, 75189

It will be one stop shopping where you can buy Vintage Quirky Goodness for you and your home, plumbing supplies, deer corn, hay, fencing, tractors, paint, tools, feed, and other amazing wonderfulness. Next door, you will soon be able to enjoy a scrumptious meal at Richard's Smokehouse. I'm so excited I almost can't stand it.

When will the building be completed and when will The Primitique open? Well, I dunno. And while this post might have ended beautifully with that knowledge, I don't have it. But, I also couldn't stand waiting any longer to share my Jubilance! Giddiness! Excitement!

Ok. I'll give you a pencil date. Don't use ink. But, pencil us in for a Grand Opening Saturday, October 30. More details will come when it's an ink date. k? (Butterflies!)

And now, I probably need to go shopping.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. That's pretty exciting Mindy! I can see why you're all giddy.

  2. Wow, can't wait to see it all done!!!! I can only imagine how excited you are.... Good luck!!

  3. YAHOO! I know your on pins and needles and can't wait to get started with the new P. Congrats.
    aka Junk Palace

  4. Looking good, baby! Oh... and the building looks good too! ;-)

  5. Yay! I am so excited for you Mindy! I can't wait to see it when it is all done.

  6. Woohoo Mindy! I'm sooo excited for you - can't wait to come shop!

  7. Looking good! I'm so excited for you.

    Tracy :)

  8. Like you need an excuse to go shopping!!!
    Start getting things ready...looks like any day now!

  9. You had me at "tractors". ANYWHERE that you can buy a tractor and a cool cream colored vintage quirky chair has ME with butterflies in my stomach.

    tractor.... yummmm....

    ;-D I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. I am SUPER excited for you MINDY!!! Can't wait

    sending you hugs from Cali


  11. Super excited for you Mindy! I'm sure you are chomping at the bit and spending every waking moment planning and preparing! Wish I could make it, but the penciled date is First Monday weekend which means I will be occupied elsewhere! :)

    Good luck, I'm sure it will be beautiful and the Grand Opening will be well attended!

  12. Mindy, let me know for sure and I will give you a shout out! Good Luck~ Happy for you! Lezlee


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